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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Mercury Thermometer (rectal use, short bulb)

Mercury Thermometer (rectal use, short bulb)


Blue or red color plastic box and yellow pen type plastic box are available.

C, F and C&F are available.

Range: 35 – 42 °C / 94 - 108°F

Accuracy: 0.1 in °C scale / 0.2 in °F scale

Ref. No.: Description: Qty.Cs:
NMDE100201 White back, prismatic type 720
NMDE100202 Yellow back, prismatic type 720

Mercury Thermometer (rectal use, short bulb)

Thermometers can be helpful for a number of reasons; from cooking, to determining the weather and even for scientific purposes. Best Mercury Thermometer need to be simple and easy to use and people often choose to purchase thermometers free of wires or other extras that can get in the way. Contrary to popular belief, wireless thermometers are not a new invention; the first thermometer ever invented was wireless! In fact it was only after electricity was invented that thermometers were made to incorporate wires to help them function. However thermometers were designed to function without electricity and even now most thermometers are wireless. Spring thermometers, traditional mercury thermometers and even infrared thermometers are all wireless. Are you still using your mercury thermometer? It is time to throw it away and trade it in for a digital thermometer! Did you know that the sell of mercury thermometers is now banned everywhere in the United States? The US Senate unanimously passed The Mercury Reduction and Disposal Act of 2002. The reason for this ban is because of the severe environmental and physical consequences of mercury -- and many of us know from experience how easy is to break a mercury thermometer, thereby exposing ourselves and the environment to mercury. Just one gram of mercury - the amount in a typical thermometer - is enough to contaminate the fish of a small lake. And mercury is certainly not healthful for small children or even adults, either. So, don't you think it is about time that you traded in your mercury thermometer for a digital one? Of course, you should not simply throw your old thermometer out into the trash - because of the possible harmful effects of mercury, you need to make sure that it is disposed of properly. Mercury can be reclaimed when you take it to the proper disposal place. Contact your local recycling service to see where you can take your old thermometers. Then go out and get yourself a digital thermometer or other type of thermometer. Order now high quality Thermometer/ other healthcare products online from Nexgen Medical at best prices. Best Mercury Thermometer