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NexGen Medical Company

NexGen Medical Company

The NexGen Medical Company is a California-based Corporation committed to offering top-quality healthcare products at competitive prices. As a company known for its product quality, design, and prices, NexGen Medical has been serving healthcare institutions and markets since 2003.Medical Equipment company USA

At NexGen Medical, the company’s mission is based on Quality and Service. We are in the healthcare business, but the business of our company is service to our customers and to the community. Through every range of our company’s products, the overriding goal and commitment are to improve product quality for our clients. By working together with healthcare professionals, manufacturers and clients, NexGen Medical continues to make a difference in the healthcare supply market and medical equipment industry.

Our Mission is to create consistent value for our customers and to insure the best manufacturing practices of client OEM brands; managing our business with Integrity and the highest Ethical standards, while acting in a socially responsible manner with particular emphasis on the well-being of our teammates, clients, and communities we serve.


Customizing your Medical Supply Needs.

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As we observe Falls Prevention Awareness Week, now is a better time than ever to review the different ways your healthcare facility can minimize and prevent patient falls. Using the appropriate equipment to lift, move, or transport patients not only minimizes falls but also mitigates staff injuries and provides a safe environment for all. Reducing caregivers’ injuries is especially important right now since the COVID-19 pandemic has left many healthcare facilities short-staffed. No one wants to lose a caregiver to a work-related injury.

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With COVID-19 cases rising and vaccine rollout strategies growing across the country, it’s critical for medical facilities to remain up to date with the latest vaccine storage requirements that will help to reduce vaccine waste. From the moment a vaccine is produced to the moment, it is administered, it’s important to keep the cold chain consistent within each vaccine’s designated temperature range.