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Body Bag for Medical Use

A body bag is a specially designed bag used to transport a deceased person's body.

NMZ1000052   Body Bag for Medical Use PE Material, 90X210CM, with side zipper and 4 handles, white color 1pc/OPP Bag, 25pcs/Carton
NMZ1000054   Body Bag for Medical Use PE Material, 90X210CM, with side zipper and 4 handles, blue color 1pc/OPP Bag, 25pcs/Carton

What is a body bag?

A body bag is used to transport the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home. It is also used to temporarily store the body before embalming or cremation.

Features of a body bag

A body bag is a specially designed bag used to transport a deceased person's body. These bags are usually made of heavy-duty vinyl or PVC and are equipped with a zipper for easy closure. Many body bags also have handles or straps for easy transport. Some features of a body bag include:

-Heavy-duty construction: Body bags are made of sturdy materials like vinyl or PVC to withstand the weight of a body and any rough handling that may occur during transport.

-Zipper closure: This feature helps to contain the body and prevent any leakage. -Handles or straps: These make it easy to carry the bag, even when it is full. -Protective coating: Some body bags have a coating that protects against bodily fluids and other contaminants.


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