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Double Folding Stretcher – NMW8234

Double Folding Stretcher


The product is made of high-quality aluminum and polyester fabric, light weight, safe and Reliable, it's safe and comfortable.

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( L xWxH) Open
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( L xWxH) Folded
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NMW8232 205 x 53 x 13 cm 102 x 17 x 8 cm 159kg 22kg 4.5kg 4PCS 105 x 19 x 37 cm
The Double Fold Stretcher Lightweight has many inadequacies. It is heavy being 7 Kg approximately and is not conveniently portable. It does not have patient restraining straps. It is uncomfortable for the heavy casualty. It has double folds with heavy canvas prone to tears. It only fits in the racks of the light ambulances and not in those of 4 × 4 Ambulance 1 ton or its replacement.

Fold up Stretcher

In order to recommend the ideal dimensions of modern stretchers for use in the future, the height of the recruits was recorded at a zonal recruiting office, recruiting one-fifth of the recruits in India.

As per the pilot study, the mean height of the recruits was 174.5 cm with a standard deviation of 10.87 on a sample size of 472

However, a much larger sample of 15479 recruits was taken to further improve upon the statistical estimates. Age and caste-wise heights of 15479 recruits were recorded. The value of the Double Folding Stretcher percentile for soldiers from the plains was 179 cm and that for the soldiers from hill states was 177 cm. The 3 cm heel on Boot DMS or equivalent boot was also added to the recorded height. Thus a canvas of minimum length of 182 cm for units with soldiers from the plains and 180 cm length for soldiers from hills will be capable to accommodate 95% of all casualties. As a length of 2cm will not add to the weight of the stretcher appreciably, a stretcher with a universal canvas length of 182 cm is considered statistically appropriate for the Indian soldier.

The handlebar should routinely extend a distance of 24 cm on either side for the body movement of the stretcher-bearer. Thus the overall length of the stretcher must be 230 cm.

The mountains have varied environments. As a sample peculiarities of those in the north are considered. In the east higher rainfall will be an added parameter

  • (a) In corps zone ‘A’ and ‘B', troops are deployed on rugged mountains with heights ranging from 500m to 5200m with severe winter when heavy snowfall disrupts a limited communication network for almost six months dividing formations into isolated air maintained pockets.
  • (b) In some parts of corps zone ‘C’ there is a high altitude cold desert with heights varying from 4200m to 6300m, a rarefied atmosphere, and temperatures falling to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Avalanches isolate forward posts for months closing limited roads and tracks available. In the wide valleys, snowmobiles/scooters are necessary for logistic support. Unpredictable weather often precludes helicopter casualty air evacuation.

Folding Stretcher Price in the USA

Double Folding Stretcher Ideally, a stretcher should be light, rugged, tensile, and Double Fold Stretcher to assist in storage and carriage. It should be washable, fire retardant, equipped with a harness for hands-free carriage, a Fold-up Stretcher compatible with various modes of casualty evacuation, and provided with an attachment to fix an oxygen source at the head end. Further, it should also have straps to restrain the head for cervical spine injury and body restraining straps. It should be operational at subzero temperatures, compatible with winching operations, and have a canopy to protect the patient from the elements.