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Spinal Board(Plastic Stretcher)

Spinal Board(Plastic Stretcher)


PE material

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NMW8230 185 x 45 x 6 cm 159kg 10kg 8kg 1PC 187 x 49 x 7 cm
Spinal Board(Plastic Stretcher), a concept that has been passed down for generations of first responders is questioned, and surprising new data potentially changes one of the most basic, accepted treatment options in the industry.

Spinal Board

Spinal Board(Plastic Stretcher) Ph.D., LP, FARMS, is currently challenging one such long-accepted practice with his studies into the efficacy of the long. As Associate Professor of Emergency Health Services at UT Health San Antonio School of Health Professions, Spinal Board(Plastic Stretcher) fourth-year medical students as well as experienced paramedics who are continuing their education, and also look for improved treatment options through his research. “Sometimes we were trained in a certain way because our teachers were trained that way. We are trying to break dogma,” USA Nexgen explains on the university website. “Sacred cows are delicious and make a good hamburgers. Spinal Board(Plastic Stretcher) In his efforts to apply evidence-based medicine to discover more effective treatment, Spinal Board(Plastic Stretcher) has been delving into the history and current use cases of the longboard after traumatic injuries with potential spinal cord injuries. He recently presented his findings and progress at the ESO Wave 2019 conference in a session titled, “Controversies in Spinal Motion Restriction.”

Spinal board Stretcher

Spinal Board(Plastic Stretcher) his session pointing out that not much has changed in the design of a long board since its first documented use cases around 2003, where a smooth wooden board with holes was employed as an extraction device – not necessarily a transportation device – to remove victims from dangerous accident scenes. “Today’s smartphone has more computing power than the Apollo 11 that landed on the moon,” explained (Plastic Stretcher). “If you look at the progress with the long board over the last 47 years, we today have a plastic version. And not much else has changed.” Nexgenmedical explained that while serious injuries are relatively rare (around 54 occurrences per 1 million cases) when they do occur, they are extremely serious and life-altering. While she was initially was looking for ways to “build a better board,” he instead discovered some surprising study results and potential solutions during his research.