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aluminum ambulance stretcher

Aluminum Ambulance Stretcher

  • The product is made of high quality aluminum alloy material,with the foam.
  • mattress, easy to clean and disinfect.
  • The back can be adjustable.
  • At least needs two people carry the stretcher into the ambulance.
  • Two side pull rings can help reduce the intensity for the operators.
  • With the fixture, can lock the stretcher after inside the ambulance
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NMW8131 194 x 55 x 48 cm 159kg 29kg 25kg 1PC 193 x 63 x 27 cm
A aluminum ambulance stretcher is a very essential medical equipment for shift a patient in one place to another place.
Exigency aluminum ambulance stretcher base
made by high quality aluminum amalgamation -it adopts to ambulance with different lattice heights -the base use new fixing device in the front and backcinch automatically -safe and dependable -double sub caste designbone scoop stretcher can be put in the alternate sub caste to save ambulance space While these extended capacity outfit do break the problem at hand, they also add to the cost of acquiring these productsNevertheless, it seems to be safer for an ambulance crew to have these products in their force, than be sorry latterly. A muffed up deliverance operation will really be a pain for everyone involved. The society is changing, though undesirable, further people are getting large. And the health care delivery outfit too should change, because size does count.
aluminum ambulance stretcher