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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Crutches – NMW7925L(L/M/S)


Crutches provide temporary support if you're struggling to balance or need to take weight off of one, or both, of your legs. They can feel more stable and secure than a walking stick, but less than a walking frame.                                                                                                                                                                                    Crutches are medical devices designed to aid in ambulation, by transferring body weight from the legs to the torso and arms. They are mainly used to assist individuals with lower extremity injuries and/or neurological impairment.  



Ref. No.:
NMW7925L(L) 135-155 140x33x29 0.88 19.7 20
NMW7925L(M) 115-135 119x33x29 0.82 18.4 20
NMW7925L(S) 95-115 101x33x29 0.73 16.7 20
NMW7935L(L) 128-148 134x33x29 1 21.6 20
NMW7935L(M) 113-133 119x33x29 0.94 20.2 20
NMW7935L(S) 98-118 105x33x29 0.85 18.2 20
NMW7935S(L) 119-139 125x33x29 1.5 31.8 20
NMW7935S(M) 112-132 119x33x29 1.4 28.8 20
NMW7935S(S) 95-115 101x33x29 1.3 27 20
NMW7936L 120 42x12x26 0.22 5 20
NMW7925LA 108-146 109x32x27 0.75 16.2 20
NMW7925LB 112-143 109x32x27 0.72 15.6 20
NMW7583 81 84x35x25 0.33 10.9 30
NMW7943L 84 85x22x40 0.9 10 10
NMW7911L 84 85x26x40 0.87 9.7 10
NMW7940L 80 81x20x41 0.85 9.3 10
NMW79111L 55 91x29x52 1.44 16.1 10
NMW7941 72-95 79x34x44 0.9 10.7 10
NMW7924 65-88 72x30x34 0.8 9.2 10
NMW7924L 65-88 72x30x34 0.52 6.4 10
NMW7934 65-88 72x30x34 0.78 9.1 10
NMW7947 72-95 79x29x36 0.77 8.8 10
NMW7921 72-95 79x34x44 0.87 10.4 10
NMW7921L 74-97 83x41x46 0.74 9.4 10
NMW7931 72-95 79x34x44 0.9 10.6 10
NMW7931L 74-97 86x41x46 0.74 9.4 10
NMW79242L 80-100 72x30x34 0.52 6.4 10
NMW7922 74-97 78x29x43 0.83 9.5 10
NMW7922L 74-97 83x41x46 0.53 6.7 10
NMW7942S 74-97 83x41x46 0.85 9.7 10
NMW7942S 74-97 83x41x46 0.85 9.7 10
NMW7945 73-88 79x34x44 0.78 8.8 10
NMW7926 74-97 78x29x36 0.76 8.7 10
NMW7932 74-97 78x29x43 0.88 9.7 10
NMW7946S 74-97 78x29x43 0.85 9.5 10




Hand walking stick, offers a range of different benefits, some of which you might not have even considered before. If you're on the lookout for a new cane and you're not sure what kind of stick to get, find out why a foldable walking stick is a great asset before you make a decision. We've outlined a number of ways folding walking sticks can help you in our handy blog post.

hand walking stick

Walking Stick

1) Ideal If You Don't Use Your Stick All the Time

One of the biggest bonuses of using a folding walking stick is that it can be stowed away in your bag when it isn't in use. If you don't use your stick constantly, it can become a hassle having to lug it around with you in your hands. This also makes performing tasks that require your hands a chore, and leaning it against a wall isn't always the best answer as this can cause the cane to topple over - yet another hassle when you have to bend down to retrieve the stick. On the other hand, when you have a folding walking stick, you can place it in your bag when it isn't required and take it out only when necessary. This allows you to perform actions relatively unencumbered by your stick and ensures you aren't caught out trying to hold lots of different objects in your hands without dropping them.

2) Keeps Your Hand Walking Stick Safe

When you dine out at restaurants or visit the cinema, walking sticks that can't be folded are easy to leave behind. After all, it's difficult enough finding a place to keep your stick in the first place, and if you don't need to use your stick all the time it can easily be forgotten. This is where the folding walking stick shines; the cane can simply be placed in your bag or a pocket at the beginning of the evening and forgotten about until you need it again! Not only are folding walking sticks more difficult to lose, but they're also likely to be in better nick than their non-folding counterparts. This is because you're less likely to drop your stick, an action that can cause dents and other damage to your stick's design. And the last thing you want when you're using a walking stick as a fashion accessory is for it to be ruined as this can ruin the impact of its design.

3) Puts Less Strain on Your Hands

When you're holding a walking stick in your hand at all times, this can place strain on your hands and wrists even if the stick is relatively light. Having a folding walking stick reduces this pressure as you're able to take out your cane only when you need that extra little bit of support or flare. This means that when the cane is folded away, you can rest your hands and wrists to prevent long-term damage.

4) Accessorise Your Outfit on Your Terms

Formal and fashionable events are fun to attend, but when you're using a walking stick as an accessory, the last thing you want to do is be seen with your walking stick in hand before you're properly prepared for the occasion. With a folding walking stick, you can store it in your bag when you're traveling to and from the event. This means you can make a big impression when you're ready! Better yet, you don't even need to bring a separate bag for your walking cane; we have a range of handbag-sized sticks that allow you to store your cane in your handbag. These can be folded into five sections instead of the usual four so they fit into smaller bags and even pockets.

5) Saves Leg Room

When you're traveling by car or by airplane, your legroom is limited enough as it is. As such, the last thing you want to do is to have to stow your walking stick in what little precious leg space you have. Using a folding walking stick allows you to place your support in your suitcase or even in the boot of a car while you're getting from A to B. This means you can stretch out as much as you want without feeling as though you'll knock your stick over and send it crashing to the floor.