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Toileting aids like commode chair are designed to make going to the bathroom a much easier and comforting experience for those who struggleParticularly helpful for disabled and elderly people, toileting aids can help maintain quality and independence in the Home. It's designed to act as a alternate bathroom for individualities who are recovering from an injury or illness and are unfit to walk to the bathroom. By using a Nexgen Medical Commode chair  during your recovery you lower your trouble of falling andre- injuring yourself. A Commode chair also makes it easier for caretakers to effectively watch for there cases without having to transfer their case all the way to the bathroom. In some cases, the being bathroom’s doorway is to constrict for an individualities wheelchair to go through safely. In cases like these, a bedside commode is an affordable option compared to remolding the being bathroom.

Types of commode chair

Bariatric Commode Like all bariatric products a bariatric commode is designed to accommodate individualities that are over 3oo lbs. Unlike regular bedside commodes that can only accommodate up to 300 pounds, utmost bariatric commodes are designed for individualities up to 600 lbs. Unlike traditional commodes that feature lower seats, a bariatric commode features a wider seat that allows you to sit comfortably without feeling confinedMultitudinous bariatric commodes also come with a drop arm for easy transfer from a wheelchair or any Health Equipment. Portable Commode Movable commode speakers are designed to be easily maneuvered and pushed by a caretakerUtmost portable commodes are feathery and point 4 machine and can be easily pushed over the carpet, pipe, and wood flooring. Folding Commode Stool is necessary outfit in a manage where senior citizens are victims of severe injuries and Accidents live. Cases with common or a backache, of those who face difficulties in walking or using Indian toilets, can Make use of as a bathroom aid It's accessible outfit that can be used in hospitals as well as Homes. Order commode chair from Nexgen Medical at best price. Also avail other healthcare products at wholesale price. commode chair