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Steel Wheelchair – NMW1975-51

Foldable Steel Wheelchairs are easy to store, transport and maintain. They are also very comfortable and offer good support. 


Chromed steel detachable footrest, solid castor, pneumatic rear wheel. frame, 20" seat width detachable armrest,

Ref. No.:
NMW1975-51 73 51 62 20 50 91 125 80x28x91 18.4 21.3 130 310

Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Foldable Steel Wheelchairs

When it comes to choosing the best foldable wheelchair, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the weight and size of the chair. It's important to find a chair that is lightweight and easy to transport, especially if you plan on taking it with you on outings or vacations.

Next, think about the type of terrain you'll be using the wheelchair on. If you'll be using it mostly on smooth surfaces like sidewalks or pavements, then a standard wheelchair will suffice. However, if you anticipate using it on rougher terrain like grass or gravel, then look for a wheelchair with larger wheels that can handle those types of surfaces.

Finally, take into account your budget when selecting a wheelchair. There are many different models and brands available, so you should be able to find one that fits both your needs and your budget.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect foldable wheelchair for your elderly loved one.

Why Buy Foldable Steel Wheelchairs?

Foldable Steel Wheelchairs are easy to store, transport and maintain. They are also very comfortable and offer good support. Folding steel wheelchairs are a great option for those who need a wheelchair that is easy to store and transport. They are also very comfortable and offer good support.

Which One Between Manual or Electric Wheelchair?

Manual wheelchairs are less expensive than electric wheelchairs. They are also lighter in weight, so they are easier to transport. Electric wheelchairs are more expensive, but they offer more independence.

If the person is able to use their arms and shoulders to propel themselves, a manual wheelchair may be the best option. If the person has limited mobility in their arms and shoulders, an electric wheelchair may be the best option.

The decision of which type of wheelchair to purchase should be made after consulting with a doctor or physical therapist. They will be able to assess the needs of the individual and make a recommendation based on those needs.

Foldable steel wheelchair, When someone has suffered from a stroke, friends and family want to know how they can help. The best time to look for aids is when the patient’s condition has finally stabilized and improved. At this time, choosing the right wheelchair for a stroke patient will impact the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

Fordable Steel Wheelchair

However, no “one” wheelchair is suitable for all stroke patients! Everyone has different symptoms, Fordable Steel Wheelchair residual function, and lifestyles after having a stroke.

The patient is able to walk, but not far

For stroke patients at this level, movements such as sitting, standing, and walking are not greatly affected, but the speed and balance coordination are slightly worse. In this case, a lightweight aluminum wheelchair is recommended. The patient can also use a large-wheeled (self-propelled) wheelchair to promote physical activity if they have upper body strength. However, if a patient cannot propel themselves, a wheelchair with small wheels (attendant propelled) is lighter and easier to carry for the caregiver. While the patient is using a crutch or walkers during rehabilitation, make sure to remember the principles of walking “Slow and Steady” and “Safety First”. Steel Wheelchair – NMW1975-51

The patient cannot walk but sits steadily

When a patient is paralyzed, the main goal is to restore their walking ability; therefore, a folding wheelchair that will allow the user to shift easily is required. Such wheelchairs are equipped with removable arm and footrests that can free up space, allowing the user to use their non-paralyzed arm and foot to operate and propel the wheelchair. If a stroke has affected the lower body, then sometimes restoring a patient’s ability to walk is not possible. In this case, it might be time to consider an electric foldable steel wheelchair. An electric wheelchair will allow the user to travel longer distances and have a sense of independence. To operate a wheelchair, the user needs some motor function and good cognitive and visual abilities. Make sure to consult a professional physical therapist or talk to a wheelchair consultant. These are patients with more severe symptoms and less motor function as a result of a stroke. When the user is in a wheelchair and cannot hold their upper body or head steadily. Then we recommend a wheelchair with high-back support. Consider the following:
  • Can the user hold up their head and neck independently? If yes, we recommend a reclining wheelchair.
  • The user cannot sit up straight independently, they might slide out of the chair or lean to one side due to being paralyzed: Then we recommend a ‘Tilt-in-Space’ wheelchair.
  • The user is completely unstable and needs to use the wheelchair long-term: Then we recommend the reclining and ‘Tilt-in-Space” 2-in-1 wheelchair.