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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Leg Bag – NMU230136 750ml

Urine Bags, commonly called leg bags, catheter bags, or bladder bags, collect and temporarily store urine. These urinary drainage bags attach to a catheter that transfers urine from the bladder. These devices serve people with urinary incontinence (leakage), urinary retention, wheelchair patients, bed-confined patients, or those recovering from surgery.

  • With T valve.
  • The length of tubing: 7cm, 10cm, 30cm, 50cm, 65cm.
  • PVC films coated one ply non-woven materials or flocking material.
  • Available in fixed connector or flexible connector.
Ref. No.: Description: Tubing Length: Qty.Cs:
NMU230111 500ml, fixed connector. 7 cm 100
MU230136 750ml, fixed connector 7cm 100
NMU230112 500ml, fixed connector 30 cm 100
NMU230119 750ml, fixed connector 30cm 100
NMU230135 500ml, fixed connector 30cm 100
NMU230137 750ml, flexible connector 30cm 100

Leg Bag

A leg bag is a device that is used to collect urine and feces. It usually has three chambers, two for the waste and one for the urine. When the user needs to go, they pee into the chamber for the waste and then hold on to the chamber with their urine in it as they go. When they are done, they release the urine and feces into the other chamber. This way, they avoid having to carry around a full water bottle or go to the bathroom constantly.

How does a Urinary Leg Bag work?

When using a urinary leg bag, it is important to take the following precautions:

- Make sure the bag is properly fitted around your leg. The size of the bag should fit snugly but not be too tight.

- Make sure the straps are tight enough to support your weight and prevent the bag from slipping down your leg.

- Keep the bag clean and free of bacteria. Wash it regularly with soap and water.

- If you must go to the bathroom quickly, try not to use the bag. Urination can cause the bag to become wet, which can lead to infection.

What are the different types of Urinary Leg Bags?

When using a urinary Leg Bag, it is important to take the following precautions:

- Make sure the bag is properly fitted. The bag should fit snugly around the waist, but not be so tight that it cuts off circulation.

- Wear proper clothing to protect against spills and contact with urine.

- Avoid overexerting yourself; if you feel lightheaded, dizzy, or faint, stop using the Urinary Leg Bag and seek medical attention.

- If you experience any pain while using the Urinary Leg Bag, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

What are the benefits of using a Urinary Leg Bag?

A urinary leg bag is a small device that is placed over the penis when urinating. It helps to collect any urine that is released, which can prevent it from going waste down the drain. The bag can also help to prevent infections from occurring.

What are the precautions to take when using a Urinary Leg Bag?

When using a urinary leg bag, it is important to take precautions to ensure your safety. Make sure that the bag is properly fitted and that it is not too tight or too loose. It is also important to keep the bag clean and free of debris. If you experience any discomfort while wearing the bag, please discontinue use and consult a medical professional.

Woven materials urine drainage leg bag, Hollister - Fabric Leg Bag Straps are 1 1/8" wide and comfortably secure your leg bag in place. Fabric drain bag straps tend to be more comfortable than latex straps and won't cause pressure sores or pull leg hair. The plastic belt tabs connect to the buttons on your urine bag for a reliable hold. These straps are latex-free.

Woven Materials Best Leg Urine Drainage Bag

Leg Bag – NMU230136 750ml

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