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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Leg Bag – NMU230110

Leg Bag

  • Front and back are PVC films.
  • With twist valve, with double high elastic belts.
  • Packed sterile.
Ref. No.: Description: Qty.Cs:
NMU230101 500ml, ellipse shape. 50
NMU230104 800ml, square shape. 50
NMU230106 1000ml, ellipse shape 50
NMU230108 600ml, square shape 50
NMU230110 900ml, square shape 50
Leg Bag, URO Leg bag is most commonly called as urine drainage bags that collect urine. This bag is attached to a catheter (tube) that is inside your bladder by a physician. bag is mostly recommended to the people with bladder irregularities and in case of the patients with very recent history of surgery. Leg Bag Suitable for day and night use for incontinence. Manufactured from soft clinical grade PVC sheeting. Available with a “T” type bottom outlet. Non-return valve to prevent the back flow of urine. Printed with easy to read scale. Convenient for tying on thigh with optional elastic straps. The bag is sterile and individually packed Uro leg bag has a capacity of 2 litres which is provided with a 100 cm long super smooth kink resistant tubing which ensures unrestricted flow of urine into the bag. The modified tapered connector facilitates an aseptic connection between catheter-urine bag. A single hand operated “T” type bottom outlet of the bag facilitates an extremely fast emptying of the urine bag. Unique fordable hanger provided with tube holder is suitable for bedside hanging and keeps the tube in an upright position.

 Features of Uro Leg Bag:

– Efficient valve with the top outlet – Sterile and individually packed – Highly durable – Specially designed for measuring hourly urine output – The straps at both sides of the bag provide secure attachment to legs. – Provided with sampling port which facilitates midstream urine sampling – Easy to use – Leak-proof – Pyrogen free – Eco-friendly

Bag is Used for:

– urinary incontinence (leakage) – urinary retention (not being able to urinate) – surgery that made a catheter necessary – another health problem

Make of Uro Leg Bag:

Uro bag is made from durable vinyl and has a built-in odour barrier with pyrogen-free material. Leg Bag The walls are slightly thicker than uro bags.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Do all the uro leg bags have pipes for themselves? Yes, they are attached to the bag 2. Is there the longest pipe with a uro leg bag? No, they all come with an std sized pipe. 3. Is the bag durable? Yes, the bag is highly durable 4. How many ml does a bag hold? It withstands for about to fill one bladder full of urine that is the capacity of one large mug. 5. Is the URO bag reusable? No, it is a disposable one. 6. How Many URO Leg bags are there in a pack? 25 pieces in a box.