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Bandage Scissors – NMS140108

Bandage Scissors


Ref. No.: S140108

  • The bandage scissors, 9cm length stainless steel.

Ref. No.:NMS140110

  • The bandage scissors, 15cm length stainless steel.
Lister medical bandage scissors are versatile and highly functional surgical instruments used in various surgical procedures in veterinary sciences. These instruments have a very robust design and specifically designed structure. They have an angled blade and a blunt tip on the bottom blade. This design and structure help in an atraumatic dissection of bandages, drapes, and gauzes during veterinary surgeries. They can be used to cut bandages that are attached to the skin. The bottom blade is longer than the upper angled blade and is inserted underneath the bandage to uplift it. The blunt tip doesn’t damage the skin in any way and ensures perfect cutting without any damage. It can also cut surgical drapes to expose the surgical site properly. They are very popular in medical use. There are various types and sizes of these highly functional and widely used surgical scissors. Bandage Scissors – NMS140108

What are Lister Bandage Scissors used for?

There are multiple uses of these scissors, a few of the main uses have been mentioned in the above paragraph but we will discuss the uses more elaborately in this section.

To Size Dressings and Bandages

The most common and efficient use of these Lister Scissors is to size bandages and dressings to be wrapped around the incision or wound. They swiftly and smoothly cut through the light dressings and sticky bandages. The German stainless structure of these scissors makes them ideal for long-term durable and reliable use.

To Efficiently Cut through Medical Gauze

Medical gauzes are ideally used for deep wound healing and fast recovery. Because of their benefits, these medical gauzes are used in almost every surgical procedure to heal the wound quickly. These gauzes are covered by bandages to keep them in place. These bandage scissors are commonly used to cut through these gauzes and make them of ideal length for the required surgical use.

To Cut Bandages in Place

These bandages are attached to the skin and keep the gauzes and dressing material in place. The Lister Scissors have a bottom blade with a blunt tip that gently slides underneath the medical bandages and dressings and lifts it up so the angled sharp blade can easily cut it and remove it off the wound. These scissors are versatile and can also be used to cut through medical drapes and other lightweight cloth materials.

Lister Bandage Scissors vs Bandage Scissors

Medical Bandage Scissors are scissors with angled tips that are blunt for iatrogenic use in veterinary surgeries. These scissors represent a broad category and are used in a lot of veterinary procedures such as gynecological, dermatological, orthopedic, ophthalmic, and more. These scissors have a finger-ring design and are very easy to hold and perform surgical dissection of bandages, dressings, and other materials. Lister Bandage Scissors on the other hand is a type of bandage scissors. They have a bottom blade longer than the upper angled blade. They feature a blunt tip design that prevents any damage to the skin and surrounding structure. These scissors are further divided into various categories depending upon the variations and sizes. These scissors are available in many sizes to accommodate all sorts of surgical procedures. They are available in different color-coated variations such as blue-coated, gunmetal, rainbow, and rose-gold. These color-coated variations make it easier for the surgeon to identify them from a distance. The supercut design is designed with longer and sharper blades for difficult-to-reach surgical sites. These scissors are also available with a Tungsten carbide insert option. These inserts make the scissors more sharp and ideal to be used in long term. The left-hand variations are crafted specifically to accommodate surgeons with a left-hand usage preference.

Where can I find These Medical Bandage Scissors?

Dispomed is providing the best quality surgical scissors and all instruments in different variations and sizes. bandage scissors These scissors are also available with all the above-mentioned specifications and different sizes each designed and crafted by professional veterinary technicians. These scissors are manufactured by keeping in mind the preferences and surgical requirements of veterinarians. We have the best quality German stainless scissors that are ideal to be used for years. The tungsten carbide inserts in their blades make them even more reliable and durable.