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CPR Mask

A CPR mask is a device used to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. The CPR Mask made of durable plastics is perfect for easy cleaning and long product life. This mask has a soft, flexible face shield and a durable plastic frame. It is easy to adjust to fit any size head, and it comes with a carrying case for easy storage.

  • The CPR mask is designed to provide protected rescue breathing for any patient and may also be used with a resuscitators.
  • It helps protect rescuers in an emergency situation.
  • Features:
  • ·It is unfoldable.
  • Prevents direct contct during artificial respiration.
  • Transparent dome allows rescuer to visually check for patient's lip colour and vomitus.
  • Made of durable plastics for easy cleaning and long product life.
  • Latex free.
  • Optional accessories: alcohol pad, PVC glove.

CPR Mask

Are you looking for a CPR mask that is both durable and easy to clean? Look no further than the new CPR masks made of durable plastics! These masks are perfect for individuals who need a mask that will last long and be easy to keep clean.

Product Description

The CPR Mask made of durable plastics is perfect for easy cleaning and long product life. This mask has a soft, flexible face shield and a durable plastic frame. It is easy to adjust to fit any size head, and it comes with a carrying case for easy storage.

Advantages of the CPR Mask

The CPR mask is made of durable plastics and is easy to clean. It also has a long product life.

Disadvantages of the CPR Mask

One disadvantage to the use of a CPR mask is that it can be difficult to clean. The mask is made of durable plastics, which may make it difficult to remove dried blood or other debris. Additionally, the mask may not last as long as other medical equipment due to its susceptibility to wear and tear.

When selecting a CPR pocket mask, there are a few things to consider. Such as, can the mask be used on an adult as well as a child? Does it come with a one way valve? And just what else is there to look for? First thing to look for when selecting a CPR pocket mask is if the mask is universal? Meaning can the mask fit around the face of an adult and child as well as an infant? Getting a mask that can fit to just about any person or any size out there is very beneficial and practical to the emergency provider. With carrying just one mask, this ensures that the emergency provider is equipped to handle anyone out there, increasing the life saving speed and survival rate of the victim. Typically how the mask is able to fit to anyone regardless of size is if the mask has a soft contoured vinyl cuff. This allows the mask to shape to anyone, large or small. Another very important thing to look for is does it come with a filtered one way valve, as it most defiantly should. This valve should be detachable and replaceable. The valve being one way ensures that air only travels one way, protecting the emergency provider. And the valve being filtered helps protect the victim as well. The valve should be replaceable and detachable as well. The valve being replaceable allows so that if the mask is ever used in a training or real life situation, the valve can then be replaced. You also want a mask that is FDA and 510k approved. There are many CPR masks that find its way in the US. Many of these masks may not have gone through and are not FDA approved. If not, chances are high that the performance of these masks are not even close to standards. You want a professional resuscitation mask, so if the time comes, it will do its job. When selecting a CPR pocket mask, you want to get one from a reputable company and always ask if they are FDA approved. Also, does the mask come with a head strap? It is beneficial for the mask to have a head strap attached. In an emergency situation, you want a mask that will be able to wrap around the victim and stay in place. The head strap will provide this benefit making it easier and practical for the provider to administer resuscitation breaths. Some masks also come with an alcohol wiping sheet. This can be used in an emergency and training situation to help prevent infection. This helps protect the emergency provider as well as the victim. Having alcohol wipes in your CPR pocket mask kit just ensures you have the added protection so if the time comes, you are ready to help save a life. Some CPR pocket masks also come with gloves. Putting on gloves in an emergency situation gives an even more added protection when interacting with the victim. Gloves allow protection for the emergency provider as well as the victim. Gloves should be included in every kit. All the items mentioned above, the mask, one way valve, wipes, and gloves should come in a carrying case. There are 2 big benefits in having a carrying case. One is the case ensures all the items will be in one place. Instead of the items being at separate locations, the case ensures that everything is in one place at the time you need them. This saves precious time and is vital in an emergency situation. A second benefit of having a carrying case is that it helps the items remain sterile. Being in a case and closed environment helps the mask remain free and protected from outside elements, until ready to be used.
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  CPR Mask