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Hot Water Bag

Hot Water Bag

  • Material: Rubber, PVC.
  • For Adult and Baby Use: Various kinds of patterns, other sizes available.
  • Available in 1000ml, 2000ml, 2500ml Capacity and in blue, red, and green colors.
  • Available with cover or no cover
Hot Water Bag, Most commonly made of rubber or plastic, this bag is sealed with a topper and filled with that can be applied to a part of the body to relieve pain and discomfort.

Hot Water Bag

It is an ideal product to help soothe back pain, relieve a headache or ease stomach cramps which can be used safely by senior adults and children (under the supervision of an adult). Also referred to as a heat bag, these handy little bags are a must-have in any home and are one of the most low-cost, effective ways to deliver warmth and alleviate pain. Hot Water Bag Traditionally available in the form of a flat, yet thickly lined rubber bag, with the advancement of technology, one can now find rechargeable electric bags which have the same effect as a conventional rubber bag, Hot Water Bag at Nexgenmedical

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Bag Uses

A hot compress can be used for the local application of heat to soothe pain and discomfort. The benefits of these are plenty, as it is a relatively safe and natural way to keep warm and ease aches or pains. Due to its easy delivery of heat, using it for pain relief at home is one of the most efficient and easy ways. If you don’t have one, then it is time to invest in it after reviewing the below Bag uses –
1. For Stomach Pain Or Menstrual Cramps
Research shows that using a hot on your abdomen during the first few hours of menstrual pain may provide some relief. It can also be used to alleviate painful stomach cramps.
2. Hot Water Bag For Muscle Pain -
Applying it bottle to an inflamed area may help relax sore and tightened muscles. 3. Hot Water Bag For Knee Pain - It can help decrease stiffness in knee joints affected by arthritis pain. Heat can relax muscles, stimulate the blood flow and help lubricate joints to improve range of motion.
4. Hot Water Bag For Shoulder Pain -
A soothing it may help ease soreness, decrease joint stiffness, and inflammation in the shoulders.
5. Hot Water Bag For Back Pain -
Applying  to an inflamed area may help relax sore and tightened muscles Pain Release by Nexgenmedical Company in the USA