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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Shoe Covers (Conductive Strip, Non-Skid)

Shoe Covers (Conductive Strip, non-skid)

  • Size: 16cm×38cm, 16cm×40cm, 18cm×42cm etc.
Shoe Covers Conductive Strip, Shoe covers are constructed from a medium-weight and breathable polypropylene fabric that has a cloth-like feel. Shoe covers feature a 13/16" wide CPE conductive/dissipative strip that is sewn across the bottom length and leaves a 12" tail. Fabric is constructed from 100% virgin spunbonded polypropylene, individually inspected for sizing, stitching, and workmanship.

Shoe Covers Conductive Strip

Color: Sky blue shoe cover, with black dissipative strip Sizing: Large: 16.5 x 7.5" (universal sized) Material Weight: 42gm/m2 Shoe Covers (Conductive Strip, non-skid)

Conductive Strip

Constructed from a proprietary lint-free, non-marking polyethylene plastic Surface Resistance, Ohm/sq 105 Tension Strength, Mpa 15 Cleanroom packed - 100 pieces per sealed inner polybag, 3 inner polybags per sealed master bag, 300 pieces per case. These high-quality ESD Shoe Covers grounding strips are an economical way to protect static sensitive devices in the work area available by Nexgen Medical Company in The USA.  A full-length non-woven conductive carbon strip is added to the bottom of the shoe covers. The strip provides adequate length for body contact when worn with most shoe styles. Shoe Covers Conductive Strip is universally sized for versatility and skid-free.
  • Substantial elastic and overlap stitching improves durability and prevents "slip offs"
  • Wide 1/2" black grounding tab ensures a positive ground
  • Surface Resistance <10e2 - 10e4
  • Strip Conductivity: NFPA 99 12-4.1338 (g)
  • 100 Per Bag, 3 Bags Per Case (300 Per Case)
Polypropylene ESD shoe covers are made of 100% spun-bond polypropylene. This non-woven fabric helps filter particles for contamination control in critical environments. The regular sole shoe covers are available in universal or extra-large sizes with comfortable elastic ankles to fit over most shoes. Skid-free soles are available for greater traction and improved safety. Covers with conductive strips are also available for static-sensitive applications. The conductive strip covers the heel only. In any ESD-protected workplace or Cleanroom environments, such as electronics manufacturing and repairing, protection against static electricity and contaminants/dust is important. Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) shoe covers are used to protect against static discharge and contamination that may cause damage to materials being handled. However, just the use of ESD shoe cover is not enough. Other products for ESD protection must also be used. Our imported ESD shoe covers are made of electro-conductive fabric. These lint-free non-woven shoe covers possess low resistance to electric charge that act as conduits for dissipating static charge from the operator and the object to the atmosphere. Our Non-Woven Disposable ESD Shoe Covers with conductive strip can be used in ESD Protected Areas (EPA) and Cleanroom environment as well as medical facilities to prevent the dust on the shoes from contaminating the area and ground personnel to minimize human body discharges to ESD sensitive devices. The shoe cover should be worn on the shoe and the conductive strip inserted into the shoe for an efficient grounding path to the static dissipative floor. The floor can be grounded using ESD Floor Mat. The Shoe Covers Conductive Strip also has a slip-resistant coating to minimize users from slipping on wet floors.