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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Spun-Laced Dressing Tape

Spun-lanced Dressing Tape /
Wound Adhesive Roll (Non-woven)

  • Width: 2 , 4 6 8 10 12 14 etc.
  • Length: 5m, 5Y / 10m, 10Y etc.
When you are standing in a pharmacy aisle or looking at an online medical supply store, it is very easy to be overwhelmed with the choices for medical tape. This will hopefully help you understand what Spun-lanced Dressing Tape means by NexGen medical, etc. Spun-lanced Dressing Tape / Wound Adhesive Roll makes high quality medical and surgical tape. More than likely, if you were in the hospital you have seen these products. Spun-lanced Dressing Tape / Wound Adhesive Roll : Waterproof clear plastic, it is a flexible, occlusive tape that helps protect wounds from external fluids and from becoming contaminated with high adhesion to dry skin. This is strong and conforms to the unique shapes of the body as well as bulky dressings. Can be used with heavier tubing and small splints. This is a breathable, gentle and conformable product that comes in easy tear, perforated rolls. Securing dressings in challenging areas. Highly conformable closed cell tape.  

Tips for making the best use of Spun-lanced Dressing Tape / Wound Adhesive Roll:

  Touch the sticky part as little as possible. When you place the it down, apply indeed and gentle pressure to the top to insure complete contact with the skin. Gentle but firm strokes along the entire strip of vid will help the vid come into complete contact with the skin. This helps keep the vid edges from rolling or losing adhesionUtmost bonds stick to cleandry shells more so try to minimize wettish conditions as much as possibleBe careful when choosing detergents and poultices, a lot of them will help vid from sticking because of the canvases and emollients that are usedAlways allow the film to dry fully before applying the medical vid. Remember, your skin should be healthy and vid shouldn't be making it less healthyAlways consult your medical platoon if you're concerned for any part of your health. Order High quality Spun-lanced Dressing Tape / Wound Adhesive Roll from NexGen Medical at wholesale price. Also avail other health care products at best prices.  Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed Spun-lanced Dressing Tape