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Centrifuge Tube

Centrifuge Tube

Ref. No.: Description: Volume: Qty Cs. :
NML323 Centrifuge tube (Screw cap) 10ml 1800
NML324 Centrifuge tube (Screw cap) 15ml 1800
Centrifuge tube uses, If all of your samples are of similar density, then both the mass and volume of samples will match. In this case, it’s possible to fill tubes based on sight. That being said, it’s better to weigh tubes to be sure. If the density of some sample materials is different from that of others, mass needs to be considered and not volume. After all, the concept of balance that we’re discussing here hinges on mass. Note that when it comes to volume, manufacturers will often specify how full a tube can be, for example, not more than two-thirds full.

Centrifuge Tube

Researchers and scientists have been using centrifuge tubes since their invention in 1938. These tubes have become a necessity for laboratories all across the world. With their fairly simple design, centrifuge tubes have the ability to be used for a plethora of applications. Nexgen Medical To assist scientists in their research, modifications to the original centrifuge tubes have been developed. These centrifuge tubes are designed to be specialized for specific applications. Below is a review of the standard centrifuge tubes, large-volume centrifuge tubes, Centrifuge tube uses, and black centrifuge tubes Centrifuge Tube

Centrifuge Tube Uses

When people think of centrifuge tubes, their first thoughts go to the 15mL and 50ml centrifuge tubes. Generally manufactured with polypropylene and designed to be optically clear, Centrifuge Tube these tubes come in several different types of packaging. Either arriving sterile or non-sterile, the centrifuge tubes can be packaged in bulk or racked. The ability to personalize the standard tubes in this manner is what makes them so versatile.  The 15 and 50mL  tubes can be used to store samples, fractionations, pelleting, and of course centrifugation.

Plain Centrifuge Tube

While all 15 and 50mL centrifuge tubes have similar features. There are a few specific attributes you should consider before purchasing, including their maximum centrifugations force and temperature ranges. For example, the 15mL centrifuge tubes and the 50 mL centrifuge tubes from CELL TREAT can both withstand temperature ranges between -80°C to 120°C. But the 15mL  tube has a max force of 12000 g, while the 50 mL tube has a max force of 16000 g.