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Coldlight Shadowless Operating Lamp With Supplementary Lamp

Coldlight Shadowless Operating Lamp With Supplementary Lamp


Coldlight Shadowless Operating Lamp With Supplementary Lamp

Ref. No.: Parts: Package Size: G.W.: N.W.:
Lamp head
Lamp head
Swivel ling arm
114x114x38 5(cm)


Main Technical Data


llluminance Of Main Lamp GCL209502 80000-140000Lx(4 StepsAdjustable)
GCL209500 80000-120000Lx(4 StepsAdjustable)
llluminance Of Supplementary Lamp GCL209502≥60000Lx
Color Temperature 4300±200k
Color rendering index Ra≥90
Mains Voltage 220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz/ - 110V±11V 60Hz±1Hz
Rated Voltage Of Bulb 24V
Rated Power Of Bulb 25W
The lowest height for instal lation 2800mm

Cold Light Shadowless Operating Lamp

Blue light has more energy than longer wavelength light and can penetrate the eye to reach the retina. When surgeons use magnifying loupes under intensive surgical cold light shadowless lamp for better view of the surgical field, the total luminance is about 200 times brighter than that of typical office lighting. In this study, the effects of 2 types of shadowless lamps were compared. Moreover, the effect of various eyeglasses, which support magnifying loupes, on both the light energy and color rendering was considered.


The light intensity and color rendering were measured on 3 variables: light transmittance, light intensity, and color rendering.


Under shadowless lamps, the light energy increased with low-magnification loupes and decreased with high-magnification loupes. Filtering eyeglasses reduced the energy, especially in conditions where the low-magnification loupe was used. The best color-rendering index values were obtained with computer eyeglasses under conventional light-emitting diode shadowless lamps and with no glass and with lightly yellow-tinted lenses under less-blue light-emitting diode.


Microsurgeons are exposed to strong lighting throughout their career, and proper color rendering must be considered for easier recognition. Light toxicity and loss of color rendering can be reduced with an appropriate combination of shadowless lamps and colored eyeglasses.

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