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Disposable Syringe (Two Parts)

Disposable Syringe (Two Parts)

Disposable syringes are a form of injection device used in the field of medical and veterinary science. They are made of plastic material and are often used when it is not practical to use glass ones. Disposable syringes are used when a more expensive metal type would not be cost-effective, or when safety concerns prohibit the use of reusable equipment.

  • Size: 2ml, 5ml,10ml, 20ml, etc.
  • Luer slip; with or without needle.
Ref. No.: Size: Graduation: Packing:
NMH100102 2 ML 0.1 ML 100 PCS / Box
NMH100105 5 ML 0.2 ML 100 PCS / Box
NMH100110 10 ML 0.2 ML 100 PCS / Box
NMH100120 20 ML 1.0 ML 100 PCS / Box

What are disposable syringes and how do they work?

A disposable syringe is a syringe that is designed to be used once and then disposed of. Disposable syringes are usually made of plastic, and they have a plunger that is used to draw up and inject medication. Disposable syringes are used for many different purposes, including injections of insulin, other medications, and even vaccines. They are also sometimes used for IV drip lines. Disposable syringes are very easy to use. To use one, you simply remove the cap, draw up the desired amount of medication or fluid into the barrel of the syringe, and then injection it into the person or animal. Once you are done, you can dispose of the syringe in a sharps container. There are some advantages to using disposable syringes over reusable ones. Disposable syringes eliminate the need for sterilization between uses, which can be time consuming. They also reduce the risk of infection because there is no chance of cross contamination.

Disposable syringe types

There are many different types of disposable syringes on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. The most common type is the all-purpose syringe, which can be used for both injections and withdrawals. Other types include:


- Insulin syringes: These have a shorter needle than all-purpose syringes and are specifically designed for use with insulin pens.


- Blood collection syringes: These have a larger bore than all-purpose syringes and are used to collect blood samples.


- Intradermal syringes: These have a very fine needle that is used to inject medications just under the skin.

How to use a disposable syringe?

A disposable syringe is a medical device that is used to inject liquids into the body or to withdraw fluids from the body. They are usually made of plastic and have a plunger that is used to draw up the liquid and a needle that is used to inject the liquid into the body. Disposable syringes are generally safe to use and are less likely to cause infections than re-usable syringes. However, it is important to make sure that you follow instructions on how to use them properly in order to avoid any complications. Here are some tips on how to use a disposable syringe:


1) Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling the syringe.


2) Inspect the syringe carefully before using it. Throw away any syringes that are damaged or have been previously used.


3) Fill the syringe with the desired amount of liquid, making sure not to touch the needle with anything.


4) Insert the needle into your skin at a 90 degree angle. If you are injecting into an artery, be very careful not to puncture through the other side of the artery wall.


5) Gently push down on the plunger until all of the liquid has been injected into your body.


6) Remove the needle from your skin and dispose of it in a sharps container or another designated disposal container.

Advantages of disposable syringes

There are many advantages of disposable syringes over traditional syringes. Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that they are much more convenient and easy to use. With a disposable syringe, there is no need to sterilize the syringe before each use or worry about contamination. Another advantage of disposable syringes is that they are much cheaper in the long run. While a traditional syringe may be reused multiple times, it will eventually need to be replaced. Disposable syringes can be used once and then thrown away, so you will never have to worry about replacing them. Disposable syringes are also safer for both patients and healthcare workers. There is no risk of needle stick injuries when using a disposable syringe, which can occur when using a traditional syringe. This reduces the risk of infection and makes the workflow in a healthcare setting much safer.

In an effort to decrease the spread of infection, more hospitals, operating rooms, emergency departments, and other hospital areas are using Disposable Syringes instruments in both the private and public sectors. The specific and specialized tasks that surgeons perform using surgical instruments will depend on the treatment plan. A basic knowledge of these instruments will allow you to choose the best one for your general surgery procedures. This begins with a classification of the procedures in a hospital surgical room. There are five main categories for disposable surgical instruments. This list can be used to help you identify the most cost-effective surgical instruments for your medical facility. Disposable instruments can reduce or eliminate the spread and spread of infection while providing cost savings not possible with non-disposable tools. These are the categories of Disposable Syringe: 1. Sharps are often referred to as scissors, knives, chisels, chisels, and scalpels. They are used for cutting. 2. Retraction surgical instruments can be used to treat skin and bone. 3. Hemstats and forceps can be used to grasp, hold and occlude during surgery. 4. Instruments for probing or dilation allow the body to expand or be held open by instruments. 5. During many types of surgery, draining devices can also be used. Disposable surgical instruments can be used to save money in hospitals for sterilization. Disposable instruments and supplies can be significantly reduced in surgical and operational costs. Blood lancet Stitch cutter Surgical blade Suture Catheter Syringe Set for blood transfusion Disposable syringes Needles for the type of scale vein Thermometer Forks Multi-box orders can also help you save money on Disposable Syringe instruments. Nexgen Medical, a market leader in supplying quality healthcare products. Disposable Syringe