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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets – NMH060302

Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets


Sharp ABS spike with protection cap, long chamber with filter, with liquid filter 20 micron, luer lock connector, synthetical rubber flash ball, big ABS precision flow regulator, with hypodermic needle (18G X11/2").

Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets Online, Specialized Vented Blood Transfusion Set. Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets
  • Provided with a long drip chamber, ensuring a better grip with 200µm filter to prevent the passage of any blood clots, down the path.
  • Provided with latex-free “Y” type isoprene injection port.
  • Efficient roller controller for accurate adjustment of transfusion rate.
  • Comes with smooth 150 cm long, kink-resistant tube.
  • Sterile, disposable, Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets non-pyrogenic, individually packed.
  • Box of 10/ Master Box of 100.
R.M.S Blood Administration Set
  • Conforms to ISO 1135-4 standard.
  • Sharp non-vented spike suitable for blood bags and all type of standard blood containers.
  • Flash ball type injection port for extra medication.
  • Sterile, disposable, non-pyrogenic, individually packed.
Delivery time Within 7 to 10 Days


Brand Romsons
Tube Length 150 cm
Filter Size 200µ

Different Kinds of IV Sets

While IV sets are all used for similar reasons, there are a variety of different types of IV sets available depending on the specific therapeutic need.

Filtered IV Sets

Filtered IV sets have a small micron filter inside of them that is used to remove any potential contaminants from IV products. The filtration protects the patient that is receiving the infusion by filtering out any particulate matter, bacteria, or air emboli in the medication or solution. It also protects the patient from phlebitis that can be caused by particulates or bacteria in the medication. Filtered IV sets are used with a wide variety of medications and the filters are available in a number of sizes. Filter sizes get as small as .22 micron for filtering out bacteria up to a 5-micron filter that filters larger.

Vented IV Sets

Vented IV sets, also known as vented IV tubing, are ideal for hard plastic or glass containers. Vented IV sets have a small vent that can be opened and closed to allow for air to enter and displace the fluid as it leaves. The fluid will not flow from a rigid IV container unless it is vented.

 Non-Vented IV Sets

Non-vented IV sets are just the opposite of vented IV sets - they don’t have any vents in the tubing. Non-vented IV sets work great with flexible plastic containers like the Homepump Eclipse. Non-vented tubing must also be primed to rid the tube of air. Non-vented tubing allows a vacuum to be created within the plastic IV bag so that it can collapse as it is emptied.

Gravity Tubing

Gravity tubing, or gravity administration sets, rely on gravity and flow rate regulators to infuse medicine into patients. Gravity infusion rates can be set in drops per minute, which will equate to the milliliter per hour infusion rate. One example of gravity tubing is our dial-a-flow tubing. With gravity infusion, the bag is hung on a pole above the patient, and gravity creates the pressure required to deliver the medication.

What Are IV Sets Used For?

To start, let's define what IV stands for - intravenous therapy. IV sets are used for the controlled infusion of medications, typically over long periods of time. IV sets are used to connect the medication to the needle inserted into the patient. IV extension sets are also used to extend IV lines without risk of contamination.

How fast and slow can an IV drip be set to flow?

When using IV administration sets you can adjust the flow rate to be faster or slower depending on the medication you are infusing and the prescription orders. If you are using a mechanical pump like the Freedom 60 syringe pump, you can set more rapid infusion rates with extreme precision. With gravity pumps, roller clamps are the parts of the IV set that control the flow rate. Nexgen Medical is the top leading company for purchasing Transfusion Sets Online.