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Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets – NMH060301

Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets


Sharp ABS spike with protection cap, long chamber with filter and integrated bacteria-proof air vent, with liquid filter 20 micron, luer lock connector, synthetical rubber flash ball, big ABS precision flow regulator, with hypodermic needle (18G x11/2").

Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets
Nexgen Medical is an acclaimed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets that is available in different variants to suit diverse demand of our huge clientele. Our Blood Transfusion Sets are clear, transparent and soft tubing manufactured from medical grade PVC, with 200 micron filter and 18G hypodermic needle on one way.
Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets
Some features of our Blood Transfusion Set:- Transparent and flexible . Super strong bevel- shaped spike for simple penetration. Kink resistant tubing. Effective roller controller for precise adjustment of the infusion rate. Drop size 20 drops/ml. Individually packed. Disposable non-toxic. Specially designed roller clamp for better flow control. Sharp spike vented (for bottles & bags) and non-vented (for plastic bottles) for better  penetration. ISO 8536-4 compliant spike, Disposable Blood Transfusion Sets ISO 594/1 & ISO 594/2 compliant  end-connection. Superior quality of latex tube for self-sealing. Top quality needle. Available with or without air-vent. Non-toxic, Pyrogen Free & Sterilizede by ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas. Transfusion set specially designed to transfuse blood.
  • Strong, sleek and sharp spike with airvent to puncture blood bag outlets.
  • Drip chamber with filter mesh to keep out blood clots from entering the patient’s circulation.
  • Regulator clamp to control transfusion rate.
  • Kink resistant, soft, PVC tubing.
  • Latex bulb to administer medication.
  • Available in Single-drip/Double-drip chamber variants.
  • Options of Latex bulb site/Y-injection site; Luer-slip/ Male-rotator variants.
  • Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.
  • ABS spike without air vent
  • 9 cm chamber in PVC with 200 micron nylon filter
  • ABS roller
  • ABS terminal with PE cap
  • 150 cm PVC tube
  • Medical Device Class IIA.
  • DEHP free: no
  • Packaging: Box 20 Pcs - Carton 350 pcs