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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Infusion Set with Burette – NMH060203

Infusion Set with Burette

  • Clear, soft, cylindrical & calibrated.
  • Volume chamber.
  • Air vented spike.
  • Injection port.
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NMH060203 100ml 100
NMH060204 150ml 100
Infusion Set with Burette, For accurate control and delivery of a measured amount of fluid to your patient. Ideal for use on patients requiring a smaller amount of fluid drawn from the bag or bottle, for mixed medication or combination fluid therapy. Infusion Set with Burette Prevents hypervolemia as your patient can only receive as much fluid or medication as you fill in the burette chamber. Comes in fully recyclable packaging. manufacturer, exporter, India, plastic, medical, Infusion Set with Burette surgical, disposable, consumables, devices, cannula, Cannulae, catheter, infusion, transfusion, Anesthesia, Respiratory, urology, surgery, cardiac, cardiology, stent, dental implants, prosthetics, gloves ,syringes ,needles, sutures, bandages, cotton wool, oximeter, guide wire, tube, Probes, bags, sterile, oxygen, drape, condom, Stethoscope, Thermometer, Sphygmomanometer haemostatic, interventional, intravenous, introducer, nebulizer, thoracic. Intravenous infusion sets have a large range of complexity and functionality and there are a variety of test requirements depending on the set and its accessory components to ensure that they’re compatible with infusion containers and IV equipment. ISO 8536 is the governing standard that specifies the requirements for infusion set testing, infusion containers and infusion set accessories.
Accessories for infusion sets.
BQ+, a manufacturer of disposable infusion sets and accessories, has been providing complete accessories for IV infusion sets that meet the ISO standards of the medical industry for more than 10 years.
Here you can find all kinds of infusion set accessories to assemble your own Infusion set.
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