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Vomit Bag

Vomit Bag


Material: LDPE

Ref. No.: Description:
NMG305001 Front film and back film are white
NMG305002 Front film is transparent, back film is white
Vomit bag are all you need to manage vomit, featuring a wide, rigid plastic opening for secure handling and support for the user. The twist ‘n’ seal lock feature also contains odors and prevents spillage during transportation. The innovative design reduces the risk of cross-infection and protects surroundings from spills and splashes but most importantly they provide discretion and convenience to the user.

Vomit Bag

  • Generous 1500ml capacity
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Sold in packs of 50
  • Designed by a paramedic who identified and understands the needs of the emergency medical sector.
There is now a simple and cost-effective solution to ensure you don’t have to waste time and money clearing up after a sick child again, the superior vomit bag – the Emesis Bag. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="632"]Vomit Bag Vomit Bag[/caption] The Emesis Vomit Bag has a wide, rigid opening to stop spills and mess. Containing these spills means you reduce the risk of cross-infection. With a 1500ml capacity, the vomit bag the Emesis Bag can hold almost double that of the standard paper-mâché sick bowls. Don’t be fooled by its large capacity though as it begins as a small device. This makes it easier to store as an essential part of your first aid supplies easier in the first aid room, first aid kit, or classroom.  An optional wall-mounting Emesis Bag dispenser ensures the sick bag is always accessible. By far the greatest feature of the Emesis Bag is the ability to ‘twist ‘n’ seal’ it when it is no longer needed. This controls the contents, minimizes odors, and makes it easy to dispose of. Not only is the vomit bag great at preventing spills and saving you time and money, it is also environmentally friendly – made from recycled plastic. The Emesis Bag can also fulfill other requirements – doubling up to contain other body fluids like urine.

What do others think…

“I have been extremely impressed with the vomit bags which we use at [our] school. They are really user-friendly and mean fewer spills, mess, and discomfort for both children and staff. I have recommended them during meetings with other schools as an inexpensive and innovative way to overcome the unpleasant repercussions associated with sickness.” – A returning customer & Schools Business Manager

To sum up

We work hard to provide a service to schools, nursery, playgroups, and childminder to ensure health and safety is at a good standard and everyday activities run smoothly – our vomit bags are used in many settings! Before the next child arrives at school with a sickness bug, over-eats, or is sick from a bump on the head make sure you have your Emesis Bag on standby to save you from those spills.