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Sponge Cleaning Stick

Sponge Cleaning Stick


Sponge Cleaning Stick

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How to Select the Sponge Cleaning Stick

Mr. Everybody’s grand contribution was to use a bendy wooden pole which had been waiting in the corner of the shed since I have lived here. I am not sure of the original use. But never mind, it was a thin, Sponge Cleaning Stick strong, and flexible narrow-diameter rod. It gave my sponge maximum reach and allowed the sponge to clean the lower 2/3rd of the vessel without damaging the glass. My normal array of bottle brushes cleaned the upper third. Other stick ideas might include a freshly harvested reed, wet willow, a green twig or branch, a pipe cleaner, a drain snake (this is a rod made of wound metal, normally used for clearing drains, it is very flexible and under medium pressure can hold its form). It depends a lot on the scale of your task!

How to Select the Chord for Binding

I have only experimented with a few chords. Fully natural of course! I have found my normal flax string very difficult to draw through at the end of the operation. The rough fibers tend to stick to each other. I also tried a waxed bow maker's linen. Again, I found that the wax made the thread sticky so you need strength to finish the whipping, but it does give a firm knot and a tidy finish. In the end, I opted for a kitchen string made of soft cotton. It seemed more flexible and easier to work with.

How to Wet a Sea Sponge

Put some water in a bowl and immerse the sponge. Squeeze the sponge, very gently at first. Continue squeezing until the sponge feels flexible. This little massage will pump water into the sponge and the fibers will soften. Squeeze any excess moisture out of the sponge.

This is how you make the Sponge Cleaning Stick.

Assemble your materials, the wet Silk Fina Sponge, the stick, and the chord. Follow the steps in the diagrams.
How to bind a sponge on a stick in 4 steps. In the photographs below showing the common whipping technique, I used a bamboo knitting needle for my miniature stick. This little stick was suitable for cleaning the relatively straight-sided tiny amphora in the final photograph.
Step 1 – Upper Left Make a loop on the face of the sponge, with the short end of the string. Wind the longer end of chord around the back of the sponge and stick, over the loop. Make sure that the lower third of the sponge is well encapsulated with the chord. Step 2 Upper Right Keep winding in the same direction, keeping the wound chord closely spaced. Adjust as you go if necessary. Wind at a medium tension. If the binding is too tight, the finishing, as shown in Step 4 will be extremely difficult! Step 3 Lower Left Make sure that the binding is well adjusted so that there are no gaps between the chord. Pass the long end of the string through the head of the loop, which will now be laying along with the handle. The end of the handle should be completely covered with the sponge and the chord.