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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

first aid kit box

First-aid Kit


Size: 12.5 X9X5cm

Item name: Specification: Quantity: Unit:
Scissors / 1 PC
Adhesive Bandage 72 × 19mm 10 PC
Adhesive Tape 1cm × 10m 1 Roll
Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage 5 × 450cm 1 Roll
Iodine Cotton Ball 1pc/bag 3 Bag
Alcohol Pad 5 × 5cm 6 PC
Iodine Cotton Bar / 6 PC
Cleaning Wipes / 1 PC
Soap Wipes / 1 PC
Dressing Pad 5×5cm 2 Bag
Long Adhesive Strip 7×20cm 1 PC
Tweezers / 1 PC
First Aid Booklet / 1 Page
First Aid Instruction / 1 Page
Incidents, especially those unwelcome, are hardly expected, but being prepared to deal with them is all we can do minimize their impact. Accidents and medical crisis are occurrences which many of us don't like to anticipate. It is best to equip ourselves with necessary remediation to deal with any kind of situation. Injuries can happen at any time, in our day to day activities. It is always better to be forearmed with a first-aid kit box to counteract any kind of emergency.

Necessary items in first-aid kit box

In every kit, it is mandatory to have a first aid manual so that you do not go wrong while treating an injury. Every kit must have necessary equipment's like  tape, bandages, safety pins, gloves, antiseptic wipes, saline, thermometer etc. Not just that, some kits even include medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, paracetamol and codeine. The first aid box should always be marked appropriately in order to ensure easy identification in a situation of an emergency. Most are required to have a green rectangle with a white cross on it. Older children should be trained on how to use the basic aids in the kit. The contents of the kit such as those of the ones above would serve the purpose of a home first aid, but a specialized first-aid kit box would be required for environments that pose higher risks. For such, you should have specific aids packed in your kit. The easiest way to get started is to purchase a complete kit ready to go stocked with all of the basic Medical Equipment's.  There are hundreds of different kits to pick from and many of these pre-made kits can even be pretty specialized. These are just some basic ideas to help you get started.  More ideas and resources can be found online.  You can find a perfect  first aid kits and first aid refill supplies is Nexgen Medical .We  offer a big selection of pre-made kits.   Making your own first aid kit isn't difficult.  Buying a pre-made kit might just be the quick and easy route.  Whatever you decide, something is better than nothing.  Protect your family and get a first aid kit now. first-aid kit box