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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

first aid kit

General First-aid Kit


Size: 43X26X35cm

The NML0603-CZ3 General First-aid Kit is made up of materials totally green as well as water-proof and nontoxic. It is portable and light for domiciliary treatment, easy for cleaning and has characters of water- proof, dusk-proof, that can be used in places of clinics, hospitals, ambulances and community service stations.

Self-preparation recommended:

Physiological brine, hydrogen dioxide liquid, asepsis dressing of many kinds of specification, disposable transfusion equipment, injector, ice bag, medicine asepsis Q-tips,disposable catheter, triangular cloth first-aid bag, acupuncture acicula.

Standard Configuration:

No.: Description: Specification: Qty.Cs:
1 Manual Resuscitaotr PVC for Adult 1set
2 Manual Suction / 1set
3 Mouth-to-mouth breathing mask / 1
4 Equipment for opening Mouth / 1
5 Lamina for Pressing Lingua disposable 1
6 Tongue Forceps / 1
7 Flashlight / 1
8 Medicinal Scissor 12.5cm 1
9 Medicinal Forceps 12.5cm 1
10 Sphygmomanometer / 1set
11 Stethoscope / 1set
12 Thermometer mercury 1
13 Alcohol Cotton / 10
14 Iodine Cotton Swabs 5pcs/pac 4
15 Adhesive Plaster 1.25*200cm 2
16 Gauze Bandage 10*500cm 4
17 Cravat 91*91*130CM 2
18 Compressed Gauze 50*80CM 2
19 Medicinal Gauze Pieces 7.5*7.5cm 10
20 Medicinal Gloves / 1
21 Emergency Blanket 132*210cm 1
22 Tourniquet latex 1
23 Rolling plywood 92*11cm 2
24 Medicinal Bottle Openter Size L&S 2
25 Plexor / 1
26 Inside Accessories List / 1
first aid kit treatment unit, kept inside simple reach, is an absolute necessity for each home. Having the right supplies early will assist you with taking care of a crisis immediately. Keep an emergency treatment pack in your home and one in every vehicle. Additionally make certain to bring an emergency treatment pack on family travels.

first aid kit

You can purchase a medical aid pack at pharmacies or a nearby Red Cross office, or make one of your own. Assuming you make one, use holders that are ample, durable, simple to convey, and easy to open. Plastic fishing supply containers or compartments for putting away craftsmanship supplies are ideal since they're lightweight, have handles, and deal a great deal of room and separate segments. What Should a First-Aid Kit Include? Put these in every one of your emergency treatment units: a modern emergency treatment manual a rundown of crisis telephone numbers sterile cloth stack of various sizes sticky tape glue wraps (Band-Aids) in a few sizes flexible swathe a support germicide wipes cleanser anti-infection balm germicide arrangement (like hydrogen peroxide) hydrocortisone cream (1%) acetaminophen and ibuprofen additional doctor prescribed drugs (in the event that the family is taking some time off) tweezers sharp scissors self locking pins dispensable moment cold packs calamine cream liquor wipes or ethyl liquor thermometer tooth safeguarding unit plastic non-medical gloves (no less than 2 sets) electric lamp and additional batteries a cover mouthpiece for giving CPR (you can get one from your nearby Red Cross) Additionally keep a sweeping put away with your unit. first aid kit After you've loaded your medical aid packs: Peruse the emergency treatment manual so you'll see how to involve what's in your units. (Assuming that your children are mature enough to comprehend, survey the central matters with them.) Read the manual occasionally and verify whether it is exceptional. Store emergency treatment packs out of youngsters' scope yet where grown-ups can undoubtedly get them. Check the units routinely. Supplant missing things or whatever has lapsed. Ensure sitters and different guardians know where the unit is and how to utilize it. Actually take a look at the electric lamp batteries to ensure they work. Assuming you're flying, pack the emergency treatment unit in your processed baggage. A significant number of the things won't be allowed in lightweight suitcases.