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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

General First-Aid Kit – NMF0603-CZ1

General First-Aid Kit


Size: 32X23X20cm

TheNML0603-CZ1 General First-aid Kit is made of materials totally green as well as water-proof and nontoxic. It is portable and light for domiciliary treatment. easy for cleaning and has characters of water-proof, dusk-proof, quake-proof that can be used in places of small-size clinics, mid-size clinics, families, large and mid-size buses, cars, tourism teams and community hospitals.

Standard configuration:

Blood-pressure meter, stethoscope, lamina for pressing lingua, medicine scissors, electric torch, dressing nipper, alcohol cotton, iodine cotton swabs, gauze bandage, medicine gauze pieces, cravat, adhesive plaster, compressed gauze, stanching strip, latex.

Configuration recommended:

Aluminum box, transfusion utensil, injector, 10% glucose liquid, 0.9% sodium chloride liquid.

Standard Configuration:

No.: Description: Specification: Qty.Cs:
1 Sphygmomanometer / 1set
2 Stethoscope / 1set
3 Lamina for Pressing Lingua disposable 1
4 Medicinal Scissor / 1
5 Flashlight 12.5cm 1
6 Dressing Clamp / 1
7 Alcohol Cotton 12.5cm 10
8 Iodine Cotton Swabs 5pcs/pac 4
9 Gauze Bandage 10 X 500cm 4
10 Medicinal Gauze Pieces 7.5 X 7.5cm 10
11 Cravat 91 X 91 X 130cm 2
12 Adhesive Plaster 1.25 X 200cm 2
13 Compressed Gauze 50 X 80cm 2
14 Tourniquet latex 1
15 Inside Accessories List / 1

A general first aid kit is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or promote recovery.  A well-stocked first-aid kit is a handy thing to have. We should always be prepared for emergency situations.

general first aid Kit

It is advised to keep a first-aid kit in your home and in your car. Always be informed about where to find a first-aid kit. You should also be aware of the location of the first-aid kit in your workplace. Whether you buy a first-aid kit or make one, make sure that you have all the necessities. The kits can be basic or comprehensive based on the medical proficiency and how far you are from professional medical help. If you are travelling, make sure to have enough medical sustenance for as long as you may be travelling.

You can make a simple and inexpensive first aid kit yourself. Home first aid kits are usually used for treating these types of minor traumatic injuries like burns, cuts, abrasions, stings, splinters, sprains and strains. Travel first aid kits need to be comprehensive because a drug store may or may not be accessible. The kit should have contents to be able to alleviate fever, nasal congestion, cough and sore throat. It should also contain items to treat cuts, mild pain, gastrointestinal problems, skin problems and allergies.

You can get all the items of the first aid kit in a well-stocked pharmacy. You can ask the pharmacist to help you with it. A household first aid kit should have at least 15 of the following items in it.

  1. Adhesive Tape

  2. Anaesthetic spray

  3. Sterile gauze pads

  4. Ace bandages

  5. Adhesive bandages

  6. Diphenhydramine – for allergic reactions

  7. Exam gloves

  8. Antibiotic cream

  9. Non-adhesive pads

  10. Pocket mask for CPR

  11. Resealable  oven bags as a container for contaminated items

  12. Safety pins both large and small

  13. Scissors

  14. Tweezers

In case of a medical or trauma-related emergency, general first aid Kit a list of family members’ medical history, medications, doctors, insurance companies, and contact persons should be readily available. Try to keep your first aid kit small and simple. There should be multi-use items. Try to make it water-proof and drop-resistant.