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Weight & Height Balance – NMDE820005

Weight & Height Balance

  • Dial Body Scale
  • Max weighing: 150kg
  • Min.value per division: 500g
  • Aluminium height range to be measured: 850-2100mm
  • Min value of height per division: 1mm
  • G.W.: 17kg N.W.: 15kg
  • Size of packing box: 106×34×29cm

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Weight & Height Balance

  • Being healthy is not always keeping your body and mind from diseases. It’s our functional efficiency that determines our health. Keeping up this efficiency mostly depends on two types of combinations: weight with height and body with the mind. The more one can keep these factors in sync with each other, the more efficient they will find themselves in their daily activities.
  • When someone’s weight and height are ideally balanced, establishing a healthy connection between body and mind becomes easier. But to balance and to make such a connection, you have to know whether your current physique is ideal or not. Are your weight and height in harmony? To know that, you have to read an ideal weight and height chart.

What is Height to Weight Health Chart?

  • The most optimum weight-to-height ratio chart tells a person how much he should weigh according to his height.
  • How much you weigh and how tall you are can determine your state of health. A height weight chart informs you of the ideal weight you should have so that you can take measures and be in perfect health.

How to Calculate Weight According to Height in Kg?

  • The conventional way of calculating ideal weight is more like a rule of thumb. It’s not based on any research or study. This traditional process has gained popularity for its simple calculation process. According to the process:
  • For men: the ideal weight will be 48.08 kg for 5 feet. And then, for every inch, an additional 2.72 kg will be added. For instance, the ideal weight for a man of 5’4” will be = 48.08kg + 2.72kg * 4 = 58.96 kg.
  • For women: the ideal weight will be 45.35 kg for 5 feet. And then, for every inch, an additional 2.26 kg will be added. For instance, the ideal weight for a woman of 5’4” will be = 45.35kg + 2.26 kg * 4 = 54.39 kg.
  • This traditional process was to help health specialists to estimate drug dosage. They often failed to estimate the ideal weight at both shorter and taller heights.
  • However, in 2016, a study revealed that the results extracted from this traditional process correlate with the healthy BMI range (from 18.5 to 24.9) for women and men. Then another equation to measure ideal body weight was suggested.
  • The new equation suggests that the healthy BMI range is the same for men and women, and thus it should work for both. The new equation for calculating ideal body mass is:
  • Ideal Weights in Kg = 2.2 × BMI + (3.5× BMI) × (Height in Meters – 1.5 m)
  • The prime distinctions between these equations lie in the taller range of height. Apart from these, in the BMI system, the ideal weight for men and women is the same.

Weight to Height Chart in Kg for Men and Women

The below-depicted height and weight charts are for adult people. It means only people of or over age 18 will find those charts reliable. As women and men are biologically and psychologically configured differently, they widely differ in muscle structure and mass. That’s why there are two charts depicted below for women and men. These charts will help you to evaluate the relation between height and weight. By correlating their contribution to your health, you will find three stats from these charts. Underweight: If you get yourself in the underweight group, you must be below your health's ideal state. You need professional medical assistance for your health’s betterment. Overweight: Your weight is more than the requirement to be healthy. It means you are exposed to severe diseases and now need to take measures to lose some weight. Healthy Weight: You are in perfect condition. Keep maintaining it.