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Electronic Baby Weighing Balance (Stainless Steel Tray)

Electronic Baby Weighing Balance
(Stainless Steel Tray)


Max weighing: 20kg

Min.value per division: 10g

Display: digital LCD

Power: 4×1.5V

G.W.: 4kg

N.W.: 3.5kg

Size of packing box: 58×32.5×18.5cm(Color Box)

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It was a time not much long ago when you and I had to visit railway stations, hospitals, and hotels, to have the bodyweight checked. Why? What is the reason? We all know what it is. Even in recent times, people are more concerned about how to remain healthy by losing weight.

Electronic best baby weighing machine

Electronic Baby Weighing Balance So the weighing scale will be the best ever friend in this effort. Keep track of your body weight, on a weekly or on a monthly basis by buying a proper quality weighing scale.

Electronic baby weighing balance

A personal weighing scale will become a health monitor not only for you but also for your whole family. We have n number of weighing scales available in the market. Here we discuss something which is more beneficial to buy and what we need to consider while buying.

Here are some of the top brands

  • Health Sense
  • Omron
  • Belita
  • Equinox
  • Healthgenie
  • Derek and more


If you choose an analog machine, then it will most probably give inaccurate over time because of their spring responsiveness. Here comes the digital weighing scale which plays a major role in terms of accuracy.


Most weighing scale needs a user to stand up straight to report the accuracy of weight. Choose the weighing scale with a clear display.

Weight Capacity

If you see most general bathroom weighing scales have a standard capacity of 120 to 150 kgs. If you choose high weight capacity scales that will give accurate results up to 250 kgs.

Durable Material

Consider the overall quality and material of the scale so that it serves the consistent weight loss efforts. Most of the digital weighing scale is made from durable tempered glass and cannot be breakable, easy to clean, and maintain.

Automatic Features

Digital weighing scale has this feature it automatically turns off the machine when it’s not used for some time. It helps to save the battery and run for a long time at usage times. If it belongs to the business, then one needs to consider the following

Know the Application Of electronic baby weighing

What will be the balance or scale going to be used for or where is going to be used? Will this be interfaced to any other equipment? Some examples are,
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Counting parts
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Shipping
  • Research laboratory testing

Personal Weighing Scale

The Crownscales offers the best personal weighing scale (Belita – Brand) to measure your weight. A slim and sleek weighing scale that gives accurate measurement each time you take a reading. It is a user-friendly scale with auto-step on the technology; this will give you quick results. The LCD reflects clear readings and maximum load this can carry 150 kg. The machine can able to detect the lowest weight accurately is 100 grams. It has a lithium battery and is powered by 3 volts.

Electronic Baby Weighing Scale

Do you want to measure your baby weight? Here is a high-quality weighing scale used to weigh babies with precision and accuracy. The extensive range of electronic baby weighing scales is customized in order to meet their diverse needs. This type of weighing scale is used for the purpose of keeping the baby safely in place and it helps to keep track of the baby’s development.

Digital tabletop electronic baby weighing

The digital tabletop weighing scale is mainly focused on medium-scale retail shops. This scale is highly successful for retail weighing things with a solid body, excellent quality, and accuracy. This is an ideal choice for all grocery shops, meat shops, bakeries, sweet shops, and supermarkets.

Consider Environment

The weighing scale comes with a variety of features such as waterproof and shockproof. Before you opt for a weighing scale, think twice as to where you are going to place this device, if a place with high humidity and moisture then buy the waterproof machine. Suppose if you have kids in your home, then prefer a shockproof device.


This is the major part to consider while purchasing the machine. Some scale doesn’t meet skid-proof features. Some old ones and kids may use the device to weigh themselves. So it’s important to purchase the device with a skid-proof design.
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