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Baby Weighing Balance – NMDE810003

Baby Weighing Balance


Max weighing: 20kg

Min.value per division: 0.05kg(0-10kg) 0.1kg(10-20kg)

G.W.: 3.9kg

N.W.: 3.1kg

Size of packing box: 58×34.5×19.5cm /1pc

Baby weighing balance

Baby Weight

Naturally, a baby weighing scale is used during this process to weigh the new-born to give their birth weight. The baby is then continuously weighed and monitored throughout its growth to ensure that weight changes are within the norm. This is all recorded in their personal child health record, known as the “red book”. Baby Weighing Balance Many baby scales, such as our Seca range, have a built-in storage function. The scales can store a measured weight with just a button push and compare it to the next weight weighed. It’ll store the weight, even if removed from power! However, it’s not just the weight of the baby that modern baby weighing scales can be helpful in monitoring.

Baby Weighing Balance Used Measuring Baby Length

Modern baby weighing scales are filled with features that make them invaluable to medical professionals. For instance, many babies weighing scales can be upgraded or come installed with a length measuring rod. This allows the medical professional to easily and consistently measure the length/height of the baby. It provides consistent foot placement and a reliable measuring rod, for length/height measurements throughout the child’s development. This measurement can then be used to measure growth over time and in combination with the weight measurement, scales can automatically calculate BMI.

Breast Milk Intake

Whether a child’s weight is not increasing as expected, or simply to understand the baby’s development, many scales now have a Breast Milk Intake Function (BMIF). This is a setting on the scale that allows the user to calculate, highly accurately, how much breast milk the baby has consumed. This is a highly valuable feature for understanding the development of the child. The high resolution of the baby scales (in some cases, as fine as 1g increments), means that medical professionals can measure the baby’s intake with incredible accuracy and reliability. A high-quality set of baby weighing scales can make the process of measuring and monitoring a newborn’s weight a simple and easy task. baby weighing balance By making the process as simple as possible, it allows professionals to focus on the two important parts, the well-fare and comfort of the child, and the information obtained from the measurements.