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Upperarm Digital Sphygmomanometer – NMDE611106

Upperarm Digital Sphygmomanometer

  • Measuring range (0 40)kpa/ (0 300)mmHg.
  • Measuring Accuracy: ±0.4kpa(3mmHg).
  • Min. scale: 0.1kpa (1mmHg).
  • Memory: 60 Group memories.
  • Auto shut-off (30sec after nonuse).
  • Battery: AA x4,, Alkaline batteries.
  • Battery life: Approx 2 months with 3min usage per day

Packing: plastic case, colored paper box, 10pcs/ctn

Ref. No.: Size: Weight: CTN size:
NMDE611106 165x45x30mm 180g (include battery) 44x26x17.5cm

Upperarm Digital Sphygmomanometer Online

Hypertension is estimated to affect 43 to 56 million adults or 24% to 31% of the US population and is emerging as a major health problem in some countries in the Third World. Hypertension contributes to all the major atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease outcomes. Buy a Upperarm Digital Sphygmomanometer Online from Nexgen Medical company with a huge discount.

Blood pressure (BP) can be monitored at the office (clinic) and at home using conventional or ambulatory BP monitors (ABPMs). Ownership of home BP (HBP) monitors is becoming popular and usually occurs without physician encouragement. The world BP monitor sales have grown from $484 million in 1992 to $525 million in 1995 and are projected to grow to $597 million by 2002 (Eric Vennemeyer, written communication, December 10, 1997). Higher sales are likely due to the following factors: marketing and a population that is aging and increasingly obese and health conscious. These factors become more important as underdeveloped countries become similar to industrialized nations.

In the early 1980s, 7.5% to 17.0% of homes in the areas of Minneapolis–St Paul, Minn, and Hamburg, Germany, had sphygmomanometers, whereas 44% to 66% of individuals with hypertension measured their own BP. Of the patients recording the BP at home, 50% to 73% bought the monitor without physician advice and were not trained by qualified personnel.

Despite the common use of these devices by patients, the only recommendation about the correct use of HBP monitors are from ad hoc panels of the American Society of Hypertension and the Canadian Coalition for High Blood Pressure Prevention and Control. Other groups encourage self-measurement of BP; however, they are not specific on the use of the monitors for assessment of therapy. The British Hypertension Society did not mention HBP monitoring in their recommendations for management of essential hypertension. In this article, we review the history of HBP monitoring, types of monitors, how BP is determined, reliability and predictability of HBP monitors, and how HBP monitoring affects outcomes.

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