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Wartenberg Pinwheel

Wartenberg Pinwheel


Very Gently roll this wheel of sharp little pins over your partner's skin, generating a unique sensation which many people really respond to.

Wartenberg Pinwheel is a medical device used widely by neurologists to run different diagnostic and stimulation tests. It was first designed to test different nerve reactions by rolling it across different areas of the skin. You can use it to test any patient’s reaction to any external stimuli and come up with any diagnosis or use it for simple testing. It has a wide range of variations and specifications so different medical professionals can use it however they need. It is also known as the Wartenberg neuro wheel because it’s mostly used to get any neurological testing done.

How is Wartenberg Pinwheel manufactured?

It is made up of high-grade German surgical stainless steel and the handle is usually 7 inches in length. The length of the handle makes it easier to be used during any testing that’s done on various parts of the body to get a reaction. The wheel has radiating sharp spikes that are responsible for the neurological testing by analyzing the patient’s reaction to any given stimuli. Because of the top-quality metal that is used in the pinwheel, the instrument is completely safe from any corrosion and is lightweight. Due to its weight, it makes it so much easier to operate and use it the way you want. The head includes the wheel with sharp pins that are used to produce the desired sensation in different patients. Apart from neurologists, physiotherapists also use this neuro wheel to get any testing done as it is a part of their requirements. The revolving steel pins are responsible for creating different reactions depending upon different types of patients. Due to its smart and metal-plated handle, it is quite easy to operate and does not require any specific instructions.

Why is Wartenberg Pinwheel Used?

The wheel with its sharp pin produces a painful sensation in patients to see how the patients react. Most of the time, it is used to check how patients react to different stimuli such as arousal, pain, or any tingling sensation. Our bodies have sharp reflexes and can react in any external environment so this instrument is used to test if the bodies are reacting in a normal way. Can a person feel the unique and slightly painful sensation when the wheel rolled up and down on their skin? How do they react and what do they feel? This is an important step in neurological testing to determine if the patient’s neurological system is working fine or not.


Is Wartenberg Pinwheel suitable for long-term use? The stainless steel that is used to make Wartenberg Pinwheel is very durable and robust so it can be easily sterilized and used multiple times. Due to the amazing quality of the steel used to create the handle and the metal used for the wheel and its sharp pin, the wheel can be used for a long-term period because it can withstand a lot of drastic conditions. You can just disinfect it properly and use it for various medical purposes because the material is quite long-lasting and reliable for any type of use. Nexgen Medical offers an extensive range of healthcare products with many variations. Our medical devices are perfect to be a part of your unique surgical kit for years. Our multifaceted sensitivity testing tools are globally preferred to perform many surgeries. We can also design and produce our surgeons' custom kit packs according to their needs. The instruments are all fine, durable, and sharp. Wartenberg Pinwheel