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Digital Thermometer (Water-Proof) -NMDE102105

Digital Thermometer (Water-Proof)

Have you ever wished that you could take your temperature in just a few seconds and with greater accuracy? Well, now you can - this digital thermometer is a game-changer for detecting fever quickly and accurately! Find out more in this article about how it works, the features it offers, and why it's better than traditional thermometers.

  • Display range 32℃ 42.0℃(90°F 107.6°F)
  • Accuracy: ±0.1℃ ±0.2°F).
  • Min. scale 0.1.
  • Memory: last temperature reading.
  • Measuring time: 60+/-10 seconds in oral 100+/-20 seconds underarm(for reference only, it differs form people to people).
  • Beeper function, Fever alarm feature.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Battery 1.5V button battery (LR/SR-41).

Packing: plastic case, colored paper box, 10pcs/mid-box, 300pcs/ctn.

Ref. No.: Size: Weight: Ctn Size:
NMDE102105 127x18x10mm;LCD: 17.5 x7.5mm 10.5g 47x30x23.5cm.

How Does a Digital Thermometer Work?

A digital thermometer uses sensors to detect the temperature of whatever it is placed against. The sensor then sends a signal to a small computer inside the thermometer, which displays the temperature on an LCD screen. Digital thermometers are more accurate than analog (or mercury) thermometers, and they can be used for both adults and children. To use a digital thermometer, simply place it under the tongue, under the armpit, or in the ear (for infants and young children).

Why Do I Need to Have One?

If you have a baby or young child, then you know how important it is to be able to take their temperature quickly and accurately. A fever can be a sign of a serious illness, so being able to take their temperature quickly and easily is essential. This digital thermometer can not only detect fever but it can do so in just seconds. There are many reasons why you might need a digital thermometer. If your child is sick, it can be difficult to tell if they have a fever just by feeling their forehead. A digital thermometer can help you check their temperature quickly and easily. Additionally, if you are traveling with young children, it can be helpful to have a digital thermometer on hand in case they get sick while you are away from home. Digital thermometers are quick and easy to use. Simply place the tip under the tongue or armpit and wait for the reading to appear on the screen. Most digital thermometers will beep when they are done taking the reading, so you'll know when it's time to remove the tip. If your child has a fever, it's important to seek medical attention right away. A digital thermometer can help you determine if your child's temperature is elevated and whether or not they need to see a doctor.

Why Should I Choose This Thermometer?

If you are looking for a quick and accurate way to take your temperature, this digital thermometer is a great option. It can detect fever in just seconds, and it is easy to use. Additionally, this thermometer is affordable and widely available.

What Can it Measure? Fever and More!

A digital thermometer can measure a person's body temperature in just seconds. It can also detect other vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure.

Reasons for the Probe Tip's Design

The digital thermometer probe tip is designed to provide an accurate reading in just seconds. The most important reason for the design of the probe tip is to ensure that it can properly measure the temperature of the person being tested. The second reason for the probe tip's design is to make sure that it can be used on different parts of the body, including the forehead, armpit, and under the tongue. Finally, the probe tip is also designed to be comfortable for the person being tested.

How Does the Probe Tip Fit in Your Mouth?

The digital thermometer probe tip is designed to fit snugly in your mouth, under your tongue. The best way to ensure an accurate reading is to keep the probe tip in place for the entire duration of the reading, which takes about 60 seconds.

What are the Benefits of Having One?

One of the benefits of having a digital thermometer is that it can help you detect a fever in just seconds. This can be extremely helpful if you are feeling ill and are not sure whether or not you have a fever. Additionally, digital thermometers tend to be more accurate than traditional mercury thermometers. This means that you can trust the readings you get from a digital thermometer more than you would from a mercury thermometer.

Digital Thermometer:

Digital Thermometer: Anyone who has had a sick child can tell you how difficult it can be to hold a child still long enough to get their temperature taken. When children are sick they do not feel like staying still long enough to take their temperature. They just want to be comforted and not bothered by holding a thermometer in their mouth or under their armpit. Sometimes when a fever is present, so is a stuffy nose. Children and adults alike have trouble holding a thermometer under their tongue with their mouth closed if they cannot breathe through their noses. This makes getting an accurate reading of their temperature a difficult challenge for anyone. Even a digital thermometer can pose the same problems. There is an easier way to get an accurate temperature from your loved one without causing them any further discomfort. A digital infrared thermometer can be the answer to your problems. These digital thermometers do not require that you hold anything in your mouth or under the arm. In fact, they do not require and physical contact at all. All you need to do is scan the thermometer across their forehead and the temperature will display on the monitor. Many of these digital infrared thermometers can accurately detect temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The range for most of these thermometers is from 89.6 to 108.5 Fahrenheit. There are alarms that you can adjust so that you can receive audible warnings if the temperature reaches a certain level. This will help you during those late night cries from the little ones. No need to turn on the light, just scan their forehead and wait for the preset alarm. If the temperature is at a level that requires more attention or a dose of medication then you will know in just a moment. If you have a sick child and need to record the temperatures that they have had over the last few readings then the digital infrared thermometer is the right choice. It has memory capabilities that will hold the last 32 readings so you can easily refer to them when you are on the phone with the Physicians office. This will be a great help and can help the doctors accurately diagnose your child and their illness. If speed is a concern for you when it comes to taking a temperature you will be very glad to know that these temperatures can be accurately read and reported within one half of a second. No more holding the thermometer under your tongue and armpit for over a minute just waiting for the thermometer to tell you what the temperature is. You will know in a snap if further treatments are needed for your child. The ease of use and the quick abilities of the digital infrared thermometers will bring you to wonder how you have done it this long without it. Not only will you appreciate its benefits, your loved ones will also appreciate how quickly you can help them to feel better and to get a good reading on their temperature. This is a great investment and one that will surely save you time and aggravation. Purchase one today how much easier having a sick child or loved one can be. Buy now high quality Digital Thermometer/ healthcare products at wholesale price from Nexgen Medical. Digital Thermometer