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Penrose Tube

Penrose Tube


A Penrose tube is a long, soft rubber tube that drains blood and other fluids from around the site of surgery. A Penrose tube is placed around the object that needs surgery. The object is then lifted or spread to create space for the operation.

Ref. No.: NMD31101 3/8" x 18"
Ref. No.: NMD31102 4/8" x 18"

Size: 3/8", 4/8", 5/8", 6/8", 7/8", 8/8" etc. length: 12", 18", etc.

h2>What is a Penrose Tube and what does it do?

A Penrose tube, also called a Penrose drain, is a medical device used to drain fluid from the body. It is inserted into the body through a small incision in the skin and is then connected to a drainage system. The drainage system allows the fluid to be removed from the body while avoiding any contact with the surrounding tissues.

Benefits of the Penrose Tube

The Penrose tube is a versatile tool that offers many benefits for users. Its small size and light weight make it easy to transport and store, making it an ideal choice for traveling or emergency situations. The tube can be used to provide hydration and nutrition in a variety of settings, including during power outages, natural disasters, and evacuation situations. The tube's compact design also makes it an excellent choice for individual use. The tube can be easily carried in a purse, backpack, or glove compartment, making it readily available when needed. Additionally, the tube's durable construction ensures that it will withstand repeated use. The Penrose tube is an affordable option for those seeking an alternative to traditional methods of hydration and nutrition. Its simple design makes it easy to use, and its small size makes it economical to purchase.

Types of surgery that use a Penrose Tube

A Penrose tube is a type of drainage tube that is inserted into the body during surgery. The tube is placed under the skin and allows fluids and blood to drain from the surgical area. The tube is usually left in place for a few days after surgery. Penrose tubes are commonly used in surgeries of the digestive system, such as gastric bypass surgery. They are also used in some types of cancer surgery, such as lumpectomy or mastectomy.

How the Penrose Tube is used

The Penrose Tube is used to transport water from one place to another. It is a closed system, so the water is not exposed to the air and thus does not evaporate. The tube is made of a material that is impermeable to water, so the water stays inside the tube and does not leak out.


Proper application of a Penrose tube is crucial to ensure successful use. The area around a Penrose drain can get messy, as one might imagine given the purpose of the drain. There are several different ways to manage a Penrose drain. Some care providers fit a bladder or bag over the end to collect the wound exudates released by the drain. One useful feature of using a bag is that it allows people to track the amount of fluid produced by the wound every day. This information can be logged in the patient's chart. A penrose tube can also be surrounded by heavy bandages which absorb the leaking fluid. These bandages need to be changed regularly to prevent additional leakage and keep the skin as clean and dry as possible. Typically the condition of the bandages is noted on the patient's chart to give the patient's care team an idea of how well the wound is healing. Patients who care for their drains at home are given special soaps to use for cleaning, along with adequate bandages. They are also usually asked to keep a log of their drain care. If signs of infection or other problems appear, a doctor can conduct an examination to determine the next best step. Eventually, the Penrose drain can be removed. Drain removal usually occurs when it is clear that the wound no longer needs drainage, and can be done in a clinic or a hospital. Cautions for Use • Users should consider the circumstances of use in deciding whether to remove or continue using it. • Isolated cases of allergic reactions to latex product or powder have been reported. If you experience a reaction to this product, discontinue use immediately and seek medical help. Buy a high quality healthcare products online from Nexgen Medical. Penrose Tube