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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed




Raw material: natural latex, silicone coated.

Be used for the liquid exported of the operation of Cholecyst.

Length : 20×40cm / 15×30cm

Ref. No.: Size: Qty.Cs:
NMD31012 12 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31014 14 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31016 16 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31018 18 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31020 20 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31022 22 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31024 24 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31026 26 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31028 28 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
NMD31030 30 Fr/Ch, 15 x 30cm 400
T-Tube T-Tube is designed to maintain an adequate airway as well as to provide support in the stenotic trachea that has been reconstituted or reconstructed. The single-piece construction develops routine breathing and maintenance. Standard Tracheal T-Tube is the original design featuring dimensions that will work for the majority of surgical cases. Design Benefits
  • To support a reconstituted and a reconstructed trachea
  • Reduces the possibility of accidental posterior displacement
  • Easy to insert, suction, remove and can be used with anesthesia
  • Reduces excessive movement of the T-Tube
  • Eliminates complications in cases of edema
  • Size and diameter are good as per pediatric anatomy
  • Non-adherent smooth surface
  • Available in Clear or White material
- The T Tube is a medical grade PVC make siliconised T tube used for common bile duct drainage - It has a super smooth siliconized low friction surface which prevents clogging - The radio opaque line provided throughout its length allows for clear X-ray visualization - It is sterile, individually packed in peelable pouch pack - These are available in the sizes of 10FG, 12FG, 14FG, 16FG, 18FG - They come in a standard packing of 25 units per box Ear tubes are tiny cylinders placed through the ear drum (called tympanic membrane) to allow air into the middle ear. Order now best quality medical products online from Nexgen Medical at wholesale price. T-Tube