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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Two System Colostomy Bag (flange) – NMD30906

Two System Colostomy Bag (flange)

  • Special formulation
  • Flexible fastener system

Package: 5 pcs / bag

Max-cut:15-45 / 25-57 / 32-70mm

Diamrter:108 /118/125mm

Flange: monolayer

Two System Colostomy Pouch

Closed stoma bags are usually worn by those with a colostomy. The stool is generally well formed and the bag will be changed once or twice a day depending on how often waste is produced. Colostomy bags are available as one piece pouches where the bag and adhesive base plate are a single, connected system, or a two piece system where the pouch and flange are separate, interchangeable items. One piece closed colostomy bags One piece stoma bags, such as Aura Flushable and Aura Closed, are the most commonly used in the UK and comprise an adhesive (flange) which is attached to a bag. The flange, which is made of natural materials, keeps the bag secure but is also gentle on the skin. With the Aura range, this flange has the added natural ingredient, medical grade Manuka honey, which is well known for its therapeutic properties and may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma. One piece bags offer a lower profile which widens your clothing options and the inseparable design offers security and confidence. Two piece closed colostomy bag and flange systems With two piece systems, such as Aura 2 Piece Closed with Manuka honey, the skin friendly flange is separate from the bag and they are secured together by a dual secure connection. Being able to disconnect the colostomy pouch from the flange reduces the frequency that changes are required, helping to avoid skin irritation and making bag changes quicker and easier. Two piece colostomy bags feature double security with a coupling system and adhesive ring. This allows for the bag to be changed whilst the flange can stay on the body for 2-3 days. Flanges and colostomy bags to suit your stoma Flanges can vary in shape depending on how your stoma is situated on your body.  When the stoma protrudes evenly from the body surface, usually bags with flat flanges such as Aura Closed, will be worn. Sometimes the stoma will sit in a dip or crease or in a slight recess and a bag with a 3 dimensional flexible flange, such as Aura Profile Closed, can be ideal. Aura Profile Closed gently moulds into the body’s shape to provide additional security and, as the flange can be inverted, it can also be useful for parastomal hernias. When the stoma lies flush to the skin, or is in a deep recess, a bag with a convex flange such as Aura Convex Closed, may be needed. Additional adhesion can be provided for any of these stoma types in the form of HydroFrame flange extenders. Buy now high quality Two System Colostomy Pouch/ healthcare products online from Nexgen Medical at wholesale price. two system colostomy pouch