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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

One System Colostomy Bag – NMD30903

One System Colostomy Bag

  • Shape fit to human abdoman

Package: 10 pcs / bag

Max-cut: 15-50mm

Volume: 200ml

Bag: open

Best One System Colostomy Bag

Best One System Colostomy Bag: An ostomy is a hole made by a surgeon that allows stool, urine, or both, to leave your body through your abdomen. The reason people need an ostomy varies, but usually occurs as a result from a malfunctioning urinary or digestive system. If your doctor communicates that you need an ostomy, it’s usually to save your life. Sometimes, ostomy surgeries are temporary and can be reversed, other times they are permanent solutions. After your ostomy is performed, you will be left with a stoma. A stoma is the piece of your ureter or small or large bowel that sticks through your skin out of an opening and needs to be connected to an external pouch for drainage. If you need to get an ostomy and are left with a stoma, for whatever medical reason indicated by your doctor, you’re going to need to find an ostomy bag. For some people, this news can be difficult to deal with. It will change the way you move throughout your day and will require some essential adaptations. However, there are a number of different sizes, shapes, and functionality features for ostomy bags that range in prices and can help you live an otherwise normal life. Ostomy bags aren’t made as one size fits all accessories. There are vast selections that can make choosing the right ostomy bag overwhelming, but there are a few ways to make the selection process easier. In this article, we’ll explore how to choose an ostomy bag that works well for your lifestyle and personal preferences. What is an Ostomy Bag? After an ostomy, you will need an ostomy bag to collect the waste that’s expelled from your digestive or urinary system. This connects to your stoma so that it’s directly emptied without any added effort. Ostomy bags are worn outside the body, but are easily concealed underneath clothes. If you’ve had an ostomy, wearing an ostomy bag is important to avoid any leakage from urine, stool, or gas. Different Types of Ostomy Bags At the most basic level, there are three primary types of surgeries that require ostomy bags. Each type depends on the type of ostomy procedure performed. Once you have an idea of which bag you’ll need, you can choose one based on further specifications discussed below. Colostomy If you need to get a colostomy, a part of your large redirected out into a stoma, typically on the lower left side of your abdomen. More often than not, this results in consistently firm, formed stool output and will need to be replaced or emptied a few times every day. Sometimes, a temporary colostomy is done to help aid in healing after surgery or an injury, other times a colostomy is permanent. Buy now high quality Best One System Colostomy Bag online/ healthcare equipment from Nexgen Medical best one system colostomy bag