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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

One System Colostomy Bag – NMD30902

One System Colostomy Bag

  • Soft flange makes you comfortable.
  • Bag close hermetically and odour tested.

Package: 10 pcs / bag

Volume: 180ml

Bag: closed

One System Colostomy Pouch/Bag

One System Colostomy Pouch/Bag: A colostomy sack is a plastic pack that gathers feces from the gastrointestinal system through an opening in the stomach divider called a stoma. Specialists join a pack to the stoma following a colostomy activity. During a colostomy, a specialist will draw out a part of an individual's internal organ through the stoma. The colostomy pack can then gather stool as it goes through the stomach. An individual frequently needs a colostomy because of injury, illness, or one more issue with the lower entrails. Sometimes, the colostomy is impermanent. In different circumstances, for example, the expulsion of the colon because of colon disease, the colostomy might be extremely durable. Continue to peruse for more data about colostomy packs, the sorts, uses, and how to live with one. Types A medical care proficient will join a colostomy sack following a colostomy activity. Following a colostomy, an individual will have some decision regarding what kind of pack they need to utilize. Individuals frequently allude to every choice as a pouching framework. Pouching frameworks arrive in a wide range of styles and sizes. Only one out of every odd framework works for all individuals. An individual should observe the pouching framework that performs best for themselves as well as their conditions. Helpful things to search for when picking a pouching framework include: smell obstruction a sack that is not difficult to place on and take off an airtight seal that goes on for up to 3 daysTrusted Source a pack that is hard or difficult to see under garments a pack that is delicate on skin around the stoma A pouching framework comprises of: A spine, wafer, or skin boundary that connects to the skin around the stoma. A pocket that appends to the rib and gathers the stool as it goes through the stoma. Pouching frameworks come in two essential sorts: A one piece framework where the sack connects straightforwardly to the skin around the stoma. A two piece framework where the spine connects to the skin around the stoma and the pack appends to the rib. Order now One System Colostomy Pouch/Bag/ healthcare equipments from Nexgen Medical. Order Now! One System Colostomy Pouch