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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Colostomy Bag – NMD30802

Colostomy Bag

  • Bag close hermetically and odour tested

Max-cut: 30-60mm

Size: 15 x 25cm

Bag: closed

Colostomy Pouch/Bag

Colostomy Pouch: A colostomy is a surgical procedure that changes the line of food waste through your intestine. When part of the colon needs to be bypassed for medical reasons, surgeons make a new opening in your abdominal wall for poop to come out. With a colostomy, you poop into a Colostomy Pouch/Bag. The operation can be temporary or endless. What's a colostomy? A colostomy is an operation that redirects your colon from its normal route, down toward the anus, to a new opening in your abdominal wall. The opening is called a stoma. The colon, where poop forms, will now expel poop through your stoma rather of your anus. You may need to wear a colostomy bag to catch the poop when it comes out. Some people only have a colostomy for a many months, and others need it for life. A colostomy frequently follows a colectomy, a procedure to remove part or all of your colon. Other conditions may bear you to stop using your colon, either temporarily or permanently. After the operation, “ colostomy” also refers to your recently diverted colon. Your healthcare provider will talk to you about living with and minding for your colostomy. Why would you need a colostomy? You may need a colostomy if you have a medical condition that requires you to stop using your colon or anus typically. It may be a temporary intervention that allows your body to heal, or it may be a endless result for an unrecoverable condition. Some conditions that may bear a temporary colostomy include Serious infection, similar as diverticulitis. Acute inflammation from seditious bowel complaint (IBD). Acute injury to your colon. An inhibition (or blockage) in your colon or anus. Anal fistula (a lair leading from your anal depression through to your skin or another organ). Partial colectomies (when the remaining ends of the intestine can be reattached latterly). Order now Colostomy Pouch/other healthcare products from Nexgen Medical at wholesale price. colostomy pouch