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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Cleansing Enema Set

Cleansing Enema Set


It is used for cleaning before inspecting the rectum, sigmoid colon.

1 pc of 1500ml bag with 60" tubing with pre-lubricated tip.

1 pc of Soap packet.

1 pc of Waterproof drape.42 x 42cm.

With or without gloves.

Cleansing Enema Set

You have made a good decision to go ahead and take better care of yourself. You are going to get a colon cleansing but want to know how much it will cost. In today's economic climate, finding out what the various types of colon Cleansing Enema set you back is a good idea. The differences in price are many. Here's what you can expect to be speeding on the different kinds of colon cleansing enema clinics and what the differences are. Some colon cleansing clinics only cater to people with a lot of money.. These enema clinics are considered high end. You can have a colon cleansing done while listening to a top notch stereo, and wearing a silk robe. The cost of this type of clinic would be about $500 or so. You don't really get anything but an enema, but if you have the extra money, go for it. Then there are the places that claim a higher level of knowledge about how to give an enema. More often than not, all they do differently is use exotic liquids instead of water. The claims that they will make will all be centered around the idea that an enema with these liquids offers more benefits. Factual evidence does not exist to back up their claims. They can run you up to $300 a session. This is too much. You shouldn't have to spend more than a hundred dollars on a good quality enema. These types of clinics give the best value. If special treatment is worth spending more to you, then first class clinics is the way to go. Most Americans choose standard service clinics. Don't forget about the home enema kits that can save you money too. The decision is yours to make. Now you can get Cleansing Enema Set/ all healthcare equipments online at Nexgen Medical. Cleansing Enema Set