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Chromed steel
solid, rear, wheel.
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Chromed steel solid, rear, wheel. frame, fixed armrest, fixed footrest, solid castor,

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Any seating surface that has wheels affixed to it in order to help an individual move from one place to another, steel wheelchairs range from large, bulky, manually powered models to high-tech electric-powered models that can climb stairs. The modern standard wheelchair design is based on the so-called cross-frame design . Wheelchairs are comparatively simple as compared to other complicated mobility equipment used for moving people. Nevertheless, to choose the right wheelchair for the requirement of a person to meet out his specific needs it is necessary to consider certain features. Someone who choose to be in the wheelchair all the time needs a type, which will be different from another person who may opt to use occasionally.   steel wheelchair Modern steel wheelchairs are foldable length wise and all the other components will go in collapsing into a compact transportable shape. This type is not for regular use inside home. The facility is to carry it out as a compact luggage. Self-propelled steel wheelchair also have a quick release facility easing the dismantling and assembling. The heavier steel wheelchairs are difficult to transport and will be little heavier to push also. Use of steel makes them lighter facilitating easy push and transportation, though they may be marginally costlier.

Basic Features of Steel Wheelchairs

Typically, a wheelchair consists of four wheels: two large wheels in the rear, which are used for propelling the wheelchair, and two small wheels in the front, which swivel and are called casters. The large wheels support the majority of the individual’s weight and provide the primary means of propulsion. The casters facilitate maneuverability. Traditionally, wheelchairs are divided into two categories: manual and electric-powered. Those categories are defined by the mechanism used to propel the wheelchair. A manual wheelchair is propelled by human power, and an electric-powered wheelchair is propelled by an electrically based power source (typically a battery and electrical motor).