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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

General First-aid Kit – NMF0603-CZ2

General First-aid Kit


Size: 62X36X30cm

This model is made of materials totally green as well as waterproof and nontoxic. It is easy for cleaning and has characters of water-proof,dusk-proof and quake-proof. There are diagnose instrument, transfusion instrument, oxygen equipment and resuscitation equipment, etc, in addition, it is possible to take more than 40 kinds of first-aid syringe and medicine as well as common drugs. It fits well for hospitals, ambulances and large-size clinic and is considered as an ideal medicine bag for doctors who visiting the patients outside.

Recommended selection or self-preparation:

Disposable catheter, disposable drainage bag, disposable injector, transparent plaster, trauma dressing, all kings of syringes and medicine, iodine, styptic paster, compound sodium chloride injection, 0.9 sodium chloride injection,10% glucose liquid, transfusion equipment, vein acicula, acupuncture acicula. Common first-aid syringe and medicine and oral administrations listed for recommendations, you can prepare according to each usage. (Adrenalin injection, Isopropyl adrenalin injection, Lobeline injection, injection, Coramine, Dopamine, Reserpine, Furosemide Cedilan-d Lanatoside C, Antipsychotic, Atropin, Dicynine Etamsylate, Dexamethasone,Gentamycin, 654-2 injection, Aninophylline injection, 5% Sodium Bicarbonate, 50% glucose liquid.

Common oral administrations:

Nifedipine, Isosorbide Dinitrate, Glonoin, Antipsychotic.

Standard Configuration:

No.: Description: Specification: Qty.Cs:
1 Oxygen Cylinder 2 Litre 1set
2 Manual Resuscitaotr PVC for Adult 1set
3 Manual Suction / 1set
4 Sphygmomanometer / 1set
5 Stethoscope / 1set
6 Lamina for Pressing Lingua / 1
7 Equipment for opening Mouth / 1
8 Tongue Forceps / 1
9 Thermometer / 1
10 plexor / 1
11 Flashlight / 1
12 Scissor 12.5cm 1
13 Dressing Clamp 12.5cm 1
14 Cervix Fixer / 1
15 Rolling plywood Rolling plywood 2
16 Adhesive Plaster / 2
17 Gauze Bandage 10*500cm 4
18 Cravat 91*91*130cm 2
19 Compressed Gauze 50*80cm 2
20 Medicinal Gauze Pieces 7.5*7.5cm 10
21 Alcohol Cotton / 10
22 Iodine Cotton Swabs 5pcs/pac 4
23 Medicinal Gloves / 1
24 Tourniquet latex 1
25 Inside Accessories List / 1