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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Cotton Triangular Bandages

Cotton Triangular Bandages


40S, 32S

40×34, 48×48, 50×30mesh, etc.

Cut dges or sewed edges.

With two safety pins.

Color: unbleached white or bleached white.

Size: 36''×36'×15'', 40''×40''×56'', etc.

Cotton Triangular Bandages, A triangular bandage, also known as a triangular sling, is usually made of cotton or muslin cloth. These cotton triangular bandages are very versatile and efficient. These can be folded into a sling or can be used to provide the necessary pressure to a wound that is bleeding. It is a first-aid essential and should always be present inside your first-aid kit in the prescribed amount and condition. Dressings and bandages come in handy when it comes to minor wounds, fractures, and other injuries, and therefore, should always be a part of your first-aid kit or bag. There are various types of bandages. Each type of bandage serves its own purpose. Depending on placement and depth of injury, each wound requires a specific bandage. Some bandages do more than cover the wound. They could also be used as a form of support for a limb, a bone, or a joint. These are called triangular bandages. In some cases, a triangular bandage and proper first-aid treatment are all it takes to care for a wound.

A cotton triangular bandages has 3 parts: the base, the point, and the ends.

  • Base – this is the longest part of the triangular bandage
  • Point – this is the corner that is directly opposite to the middle of the base
  Cotton Triangular Bandages   The triangular bandage is a versatile bandage. It offers a variety of uses. It is an excellent choice for keeping injured body parts like shoulders and arms in a stationary position. It can be used as an arm sling, an elevation sling, or as a collar-and-cuff sling among a lot of other uses. It provides outstanding support when it comes to maintaining compressions for a head wound. It can also be used as a splint for broken bones, or just to hold the gauze in place, or to apply pressure on a bleeding wound.