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Confirming Bandages / PBT Bandages

Confirming Bandages / PBT Bandages

PBT Conforming Bandages are a lightweight way to provide support and compression for injuries. They are designed to conform to the body, making them comfortable and breathable. If you want to find out more about PBT Conforming Bandages, check out this article!

  • Thin type, thick type, unbleached, bleached available.
  • Poly-bag(normal pack & ribbon peel pack) or blister or 2-ply paper pouch available.
Ref. No.: Size: Qty Cs. : Ctn size:
NMMD004001 2'' x 4m 960 58x44x25cm
NMMD004002 3'' x 4m 480 58x34x25cm
NMMD004003 4'' x 4m 480 58x44x25cm
NMMD004004 6'' x 4m 240 58x34x25cm

What is a PBT Conforming Bandage?

A PBT conforming bandage is a new type of compression bandage that is made from light, breathable, and stretchy material. This makes it more comfortable to wear and easier to apply than traditional compression bandages. PBT conforming bandages are also available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Uses for the bandages

PBT Conforming Bandages are the new lightweight, breathable, and stretchy compression bandage that can be used for a variety of medical purposes. They are often used to support injured muscles and joints, reduce swelling, and help prevent further injury. PBT Conforming Bandages can also be used to hold ice or heat packs in place, depending on the injury.

How are they different from other bandages?

PBT conforming bandages are made from a lightweight, breathable, and stretchy material that conforms to the shape of your body. They are different from other bandages because they allow for more movement and flexibility, while still providing support and compression. Additionally, PBT bandages are easier to apply and remove than traditional bandages.

Who can use the bandages and how do I get one?

It can be used by anyone who needs compression bandages, including people with diabetes, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, or other conditions that require compression therapy. The bandage can be purchased online or at many medical supply stores.

How do I clean my PBT Conforming Bandages?

If you're looking for a lightweight, breathable, and stretchy compression bandage, look no further than PBT conforming bandages! But how do you clean them? Here are some tips:


- Rinse the bandage with warm water and mild soap.


- Do not machine wash or dry.


- Air dry only.


That's it! With just a little bit of care, your PBT conforming bandages will last a long time.