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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Clip Caps / Mob Caps

Clip Caps / Mob Caps

  • Soft elastic headband, blue, green, white, pink. red, navy blue, yellow, black etc.
  • Different weight: 10g/㎡ 12g/㎡ 14g/㎡etc
  • Different size: 18", 21", 24", 28" etc.

Clip Caps / Mob Caps

Clip Caps Mob Caps, Non-woven mob cap is made from soft, comfortable Polypropylene which ensures extra comfort and security in hair control environments.

Clip Caps

Astronaut Caps
  • Features: Soft, lightweight, comfortable
  • Compactly folded in stripe 
  • Disposable
  • Option: 12gsm / 15gsm
Suitable for:
  • General purpose
  • Electronic
  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratory
  • Food processing
  • Restaurant
    • Double Elastic -Stretchable, Clip Caps Mob Caps durable & well fit to head
    • Comfortable & Soft non-irritating elastic band
    • Large size which won’t make your head feel tight and bound, suitable for bun hairstyle user
    • Thick, soft, breathable made of high quality Spunbound Polypropylene construction material
    • Non-Woven SPP 12gsm or 15gsm increased level of durability, comfort and ventilation.
    • No peculiar smell 
    • Difficult to deformation
    • Compactly folded in strip and easily open to shape 
    • Stringent quality control & product quality consistency
    • Disposable after each use 
    • Ideal for use in general industry, food processing & pharmaceuticals 
    • Made in Malaysia
    • Disposable Mob Caps are an essential addition to any disposables range. With a huge variety of colours to choose from, these mob caps are ideal for hygienic colour-coded environments.
    • Used to prevent contamination from hair and as a protection against minimal risks, especially in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, beauty saloons and food handling companies.
      • Superior protection with fluid repellent material.
      • Spunbound Polypropylene construction increased level of durability, comfort and ventilation.
      • Soft elastic headband for maximum coverage.
      • Reduced allergic reactions with latex-free elastic headband.
      • Different weight: 10g/m2, 12g/m2, 14g/m2 etc.
      • Different size: 18”, 21”, 24”, 28”

      Available Configuration

      Ref. No.: Size: Color: Qty.Cs:
      GCN10021 18'' B/W/R/G/Y 100pcs/bag,10bags/case
      GCN10022 21'' B/W/R/G/Y 100pcs/bag,10bags/case
      GCN10023 24' B/W/R/G/Y 100pcs/bag,10bags/case
      GCN10024 28'' B/W/R/G/Y 100pcs/bag,10bags/case
    • The food industry is far from being the only professional field that requires the use of hair nets; cleanrooms, the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory research, and medical centres are all places where workers need to protect against infection or contamination of substances, materials and products.Furthermore, there are many different options to choose from.Here is the range of high quality disposable hair nets that we provide, including a summary of their features and uses: