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Breathing Circuit

Breathing Circuit Ref. No.:NMR103415

  • Breathing Circuit Ref. No.:NMR103415
There are available breathing circuit types at a wide range in the market.  The function of any breathing circuit is to deliver oxygen and anesthetic feasts, and exclude carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide may be excluded by either flop with acceptable fresh gas inflow (FGF), or by pop lime immersion. Nexgen Medical's breathing circuit types are used for delivering oxygen and anesthetic agents and to count carbon dioxide during anesthesia. They correspond of different factors Fresh gas flux, force bag, breathing tubes, expiratory cock, and patient connection. Breathing system is an assembly of factors which connects case's airway to anesthesia machine through which controlled composition of gas amalgamation is allocated. A breathing circuit delivers gas to the case, removes departed gas and controls the temperature and humidity of the inspired amalgamation. It allows robotic, controlled, or supported respiration. It may also give harbors for gas slice, airway pressure, flux and volume monitoring. There are five different arrangements of factors of breathing system, i.e., fresh gas flux, breathing tube, mask, force bag, and expiratory cock. These are known as Mapleson systems. Ideal breathing system should be simple, safe, or affordable, Suitable to deliver intended inspired gas amalgamation, Effective and allow low fresh gas flux and suitable to cover cases from barotrauma. Breathing Tubes are Large drag, generally corrugated tubes, made of rubber or plastic. Malleable pressure limiting stopcock in Breathing Circuit Also called as; pop-off stopcock, exhaust stopcock, scavenger stopcock, relief stopcock, expiratory stopcock,over-spill stopcocketc.

Features of Breathing Circuit

This stopcock allows exhaled waste feasts and fresh gas flows to leave the breathing system when the pressure within the breathing system exceeds the stopcock's opening pressure It's a one way, malleable, spring- loaded stopcock. The spring adjusts the pressure needed to open the stopcock. The force bag is an important element of utmost breathing systems. Made of antistatic rubber or plastic. Black bags are antistatic whereas green bags are made of low charging material which won't produce dangerous charges but will the bag from electric fields. Breathing Circuit