NexGen Inquiry page is the most extensive bundle of versatile free inquiry form templates you can use for your project comfortably.

Inquiry forms act as a bridge between you and your customers. No matter how keen you are in making your product user-friendly, with detailed clear-cut documentation, and the website content you make to explain your services, still we might miss minor details that users might need.

Nexgen Inquiry page

Being website owners we know that through the forms we get a considerable amount of valuable leads. Especially startups will receive lots of inquiries from the site visitors, in that case, inquiry forms play a vital role. Here in this post, we have collected the best free inquiry form templates.

Speaking about the inquiry form templates they can be classified into two broad categories. One is the structured inquiry form, where the users have to choose the questions from the given set of options.

The other is the general type, where the user can openly inquire about your products. The second inquiry form templates are the most predominant one if your organizations include more than one department then the first model will be useful.

In this free inquiry form templates list, we have added both types of inquiry forms. All these free inquiry form templates are from the in-house Colorlib team to ensure that you get trendy and well-designed templates for free. Just download the template you like and enjoy.

Contact Form NexGen Inquiry page is a slight variation of the V01 template. It comes in a green colorway by default, with the contact form on the right and additional information on the left.

Due to the user-friendly code, you can quickly perform customization tweaks and improvements. Like alter the color option and add different texts. But you can leave the default setting as-is, too.

nexgen Inquiry page

If the previous two free inquiry form templates are too basic for you, here’s one that will impress you. The image section definitely makes it pop – especially on a desktop.

When viewing this form on mobile, elements stack one on top of the other, starting with extra details first and contact form second.

With the split design and gradient effect, Contact Form V04 easily becomes your favorite from our free inquiry form templates.

What’s best, there’s no need to stick to it to a tee. You are welcome to enrich Contact Form V04 with your creative touch, so it meets your standards. You can also test its mobile performance by visiting the live demo preview.