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Double Folding Stretcher – NMW8231

Double Folding Stretcher


Double Folding Stretcher

Double Folding Stretchers, Patients strapped to a poorly designed spine board can have their pain exacerbated and injury made worse. At Essential First Aid Supplies our range of stretchers & backboards represent the best in first-responded ergonomics and engineering for the ultimate balance between patient comfort, security, and safety.

Double Folding Stretcher

Double Folding Stretcher We stock a rigid, durable design for complete immobilization. tapering at the foot end improves the maneuverability of the spine board in confined areas. Or, if ease of transport and storage is a priority, take a look at our lightweight folding model.

Folding stretcher trolley

Our range of stretchers and backboards is suitable for all first aid providers from surf clubs, schools, and swimming pools to private health clubs. If the stretchers or boards you require are not listed here please contact us for further information. We deliver throughout Nexgen USA Medical Company
Use of stretcher
Double Folding Stretcher used in ambulances have wheels that make transportation over pavement easier and have a lock inside the ambulance and straps to secure the patient during transport. An integral lug on the stretcher locks into a sprung latch within the ambulance in order to prevent movement during transport. Modern stretchers may also have battery-powered hydraulics to raise and collapse the legs automatically. This eases the workload on EMS personnel, who are statistically at high risk of back injury from repetitive raising and lowering of patients. Specialized barbaric stretchers are also available, which feature a wider frame and higher weight capacity for heavier patients. Stretchers are usually covered with a disposable sheet or wrapping and are cleaned after each use to prevent the spread of infection. Shelves, hooks, and poles for medical equipment and intravenous medication are also frequently included. Double Folding Stretchers has several adjustments. The bed can be raised or lowered to facilitate the patient transfer. The head of the stretcher can be raised so that the patient is in a sitting position (especially important for those in respiratory distress) or lowered flat in order to perform CPR, or for patients with a suspected spinal injury who must be transported on a spinal board. The feet can be raised to what is called the Brandenburg position, indicated for patients in shock in Our Medical Company in USA Country