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Walking Stick – NMW7933L

Walking Stick


Walking Stick

Ref. No.:
NMW7910L 90 94x15x28 0.35 7.9 20
NMW7920L 71-94 65x15x26 0.36 7.7 20
NMW7930L 71-94 65x15x27 0.35 7.6 20
NMW7929L 71-94 65x15x26 0.36 7.8 20
NMW7939L 67-90 63x15x28 0.34 7.3 20
NMW79206 71-94 65x15x26 0.33 7 20
NMW79306 69-92 63x12x25 0.29 6.3 20
NMW7948L 76-86 61x16x26 0.37 8 20
NMW7949L 76-86 61x16x26 0.37 8 20
NMW79296L 87 94x15x28 0.33 7.6 20
NMW79106L 90 94x15x28 0.26 6.3 20
NMW7933L 95-126 95x29x31 0.57 12.1 20
NMW7923L 86-117 86x26x29 0.52 11.3 20
NMW7937L 96-119 100x30x30 0.53 11.5 20
NMW79276L 80-90 61x16x26 0.3 6.7 20
NMW7927L 80-90 61x16x26 0.37 8.3 20
NMW7938L 77-100 79x29x18 0.32 7.5 20
NMW79202L 69-92 63x12x25 0.26 5.8 20
NMW79300L 75-98 74x33x14 0.4 8.8 20
NMW7928L 77-100 79x29x18 0.35 7.9 20
NMW79281L 75-98 68x35x18 0.33 7.5 20
NMW79280L 75-98 68x35x18 0.33 7.4 20
NMW79201L 62-95 67x13x28 0.33 7.4 20
NMW79202L 69-92 63x14x27 0.26 5.8 20
Walking stick suppliers California: Stillhave a bad leg or backhave bad stability or generally need backing walking also choosing the right walking aid for you is simple, If you have lately had an operation. There are hundreds of different types including walking sticks, Zimmer framespillars and rollators. Each of these will be reviewed to help you decide which item is most suitable to your requirements. You can buy any of the following from Nexgen Medical, one of the leading walking stick suppliers California.

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are the traditional mobility aidCurrently the technology has come a long way and they can be acclimated to fit your height and can also be folded so they're easy to store when they aren't in use. The most common types of walking sticks are moreover made of wood or aluminium-it's down to particular preference which one you choose. Aluminium walking sticks are featherlight whereas rustic walking sticks can be beautifully handcrafted. Walking sticks should havenon-marking, slip resistant tips to insure they're safe to use.

Zimmer Frames

Zimmer frames or walking frames as they're getting more generally known are a great walking aid. These are a frame that's deposited in front of the body with handles that the stoner lifts and places down when walkingfurnishing a sturdy frame to hold on to and precluding cascade. Like walking sticks they too come in featherlight aluminium-the stylish material as this makes them featherlight and easy to lift. Some walking frames come with frontal bus so that they're easy to manoeuvre.


Pillars are generally made from featherlight aluminium also and are generally used as a walking aid for short term walking difficultiessimilar as after an operation. A good bolsterer has an malleable height and an angled neck to hold on to, reducing the strain on the wrists. A unrestricted armband on the upper arm enables the stoner to still hold the bolsterer indeed when the grip is released around the handle.


Rollators allow easy mobility and movement. They can be used both inner and out-of-door and some models come with a bag which is great if you have trouble carrying shopping bags when out and about. Some models feature a gentled seat and a gentled safety bar if you need a quick rest. Rollators made of aluminium are featherlight and are veritably easy to fold down and store. Nexgen Medical are leading walking stick suppliers California, USA, UK and Worldwide, offering at an economical price. walking stick suppliers california