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Breathing Circuit – NMR103415

Breathing Circuit

  • Breathing Circuit Ref. No.:NMR103415
Anesthesia machines have evolved to deliver desired tidal volumes more accurately by measuring breathing circuit compliance during a preuse self-test and then incorporating the compliance value when calculating expired tidal volume. The initial compliance value is utilized in tidal volume calculation regardless of whether the actual compliance of the breathing circuit changes during a case, as happens when corrugated circuit tubing is manually expanded after the preuse self-test but before patient use. We noticed that the anesthesia machine preuse self-test was usually performed on nonexpanded pediatric circuit tubing, and then the breathing circuit was subsequently expanded for clinical use. We aimed to demonstrate that performing the preuse self-test in that manner could lead to incorrectly displayed tidal volume on the anesthesia machine monitor. The goal of this quality improvement project was to change the usual practice and improve the accuracy of displayed tidal volume in infants undergoing general anesthesia.
MethodsThere were four stages of the project: (i) gathering baseline data about the performance of the preuse self-test and using infant and adult test lungs to measure discrepancies of displayed tidal volumes when breathing circuit compliance was changed after the initial preuse self-test; (ii) gathering clinical data during pressure-controlled ventilation comparing anesthesia machine displayed tidal volume with actual spirometry tidal volume in patients less than 10 kg before (machine preuse self-test performed while the breathing circuit was nonexpanded) and after an intervention (machine preuse self-test performed after the breathing circuit was fully expanded); (iii) performing department-wide education to help implement practice change; (iv) gathering postintervention data to determine the prevalence of proper machine preuse self-test. Conclusion Performing a preuse self-test on a nonexpanded pediatric circuit that is then expanded leads to falsely elevated displayed tidal volume in infants less than 10 kg during pressure-controlled ventilation. Overestimation of reported tidal volume can be avoided by expanding the breathing circuit tubing to the length which will be used during a case prior to performing the anesthesia machine preuse self-test. After department-wide education and implementation, performing a correct preuse self-test is now the standard practice in our cardiac operating rooms. All Medical & health Equipment you can find on Nexgen Medical at wholesale price. So visit our site for the best breathing circuit now. Breathing Circuit